Ryan Marisca:New York and Miami’s New,”IT GIRL”!!!

by Lisa Ajello on January 19, 2014



“Beauty and the Brains”, is what I like to call the BIG  APPLE and SOUTH BEACH MIAMI’S new,”IT GIRL”! The gorgeous Ryan Marisca, one of the stars of Big Ang’s show,”Miami Monkey”, has taken over the scene from her sought after appearances, celeb bartending gigs, and one of the most beautiful fresh faces around how could this new addition to the VH1 family not make it to the top!!! Anyone that has met her knows that her beauty from the outside comes from within! Ryan is a true testament of that and she is an avid yogi and is trying to stay true to herself, but ready to make it to the top!!!

Ryan Marisca is 26 years old, but has a pure face of a 21 year old! She is a woman of many layers! One thing which is top priority to Ms.Marisca is her family.She is a true family woman in which she is very proud of! She began her studies at the College of Staten Island where she majored in sociology. She began bartending as a way to assist in paying for college, at the same time realized she was very good at it, and made plenty of money to go along with it.From what I hear one of the BEST around! Bartending was just one of Ryan’s talents. She has worked in club design. decorating many venues throughout the N.Y.C, the Philadelphia area and good old Miami! She has a knack for design which is another natural forte of hers. Another passion through the years was fashion. She began doing work for a well known Italian tailor Vincent Sciortino, who working along side Vincent got the opportunity to dress many of his upscale clientele. This was all a very exciting time for this rising star!

As the Miami Monkey show progressed, and Ryan’s face started becoming somewhat of a household name, so did her hunger for making it to the top! Ryan is ready for her next move!!! Modeling and acting are next on her agenda! She is open and ready to hit one of the biggest acting schools in New York City if that’s what it’s going to take and is currently being casted for many New York fashion week events ready to walk the cat walk and show New York City what Ryan Marisca is really made of!!!

eye PR media has been fortunate enough to have spent time with Ryan at one of her latest photo shoots and truly can see why the world is so curious about her! Beautiful from the inside out and an absolute rising star!!! Special thanks to her amazing dream team avant garde sensational photographer Wai Ng at www.weddingflair.com , shoot producer and celeb stylist Sheldon Grey AKA: Dash,couture hair stylist Wade Lee of www.thehouseofwadelee.com, and make up extraordinaire Gabriel Cruz!!!

Keep an eye out for the wonderful world of Ryan Marisca as she evolves from one look to the next and to where this beautiful blonde bevy is about to go!!!

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