Petite Parade: NYC’s Most Fabulous Kiddie Catwalk

by Lisa Ajello on March 23, 2014



Nobody does designer kids fashion shows like the one and only,”Petite Parade”! Show producers and fashion extraordinaires,” Tiziana Indelicato and Gina Rizzo”, take kids fashion to another level!

They began these amazing set of shows a few years ago showcasing the best of the best in the industry as far as fashion, models, and childrens products go! This year these shows have made it to legendary status! Celeb kids are walking, watching and sponsoring these sought after events. Some examples are PDiddy’s children, CC Sabathia’s wife as lead designer in the shows this year,the adorable twin brother’s mc’ing the event and the shows dessert of choice was the super delish,”Baked by Melissa”! Some of my favorite lines which headlined this year were Bonnie Young,Pale Cloud, Imoga, and Mischka Aoki.All to absolutely die for!

Vogue Bambini is always seated center and front and are a huge part of these shows as sponsors, writers, audience, and so much more! A show isn’t a show without Vogue being part of its celebratory events!Another amazing force in the children and mommy world is Danielle Libretti Fornes, of, “MOM WHO KNOWS”!!! A truly talented writer and blogger, super savvy mama who is always the first to know the new hottest products in the children’s market, and who even most recently graced the pages of Vogue Bambini with her take on American designers and European. Look out for her latest article and follow this super chic mom at

Year after year, these shows get bigger and bigger, and the lines are wrapped around the block! Thanks to Tiziana and Gina you’ll always be in for a surprise lineup to keep you on the edge of your seats! So get ready because these two ladies are about to take over a city near you!!!!!


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Great inhtisg. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.


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