Savior El Mundo: NYC’s Hippest,Most Soulful Artist Painting the Town Red Every Stroke Of the Way

by Lisa Ajello on May 11, 2014


Savior El Mundo is a New York City  artist to the core! It seems that his Latin Indian heritage, his love for his city,the arts, and music have brought him much of his successes in conjunction with his spirituality!!! Many of his works of art are intense spiritual pieces,centering upon the intensity of  deep,bold splattered lines,pervasive color and gloss bringing out his self confidence.While other pieces represent his deep Harlem roots showcasing amazing tributes to the Almighty hip hop artists,performers, and legends of our time!

The canvas’s he touches upon are sooooo vibrant and full of  distinct texture that they layer up to 10 compositions on one canvas! Each piece he touches  brings you closer to his culture,and his entire being!!!

Savior has been working the scene and the artistic powers that be with his weekly collage events and paintings! Every Tuesday evening him and his magical entourage bless the lower east side bringing people of all cultures,walks of life, and worlds together to the world of Savior El Mundo!!!!

Come join him at Ludlow 95 on the corner of Delancey Street and Ludlow! Network,Love and enjoy the beats of  his favorite dj’s!!!

I am looking so forward to being a part of this celebration and in the presence of this artist that is blowing up the scenes!

It takes a real creative New Yorker to know one!

This is what the NYC is all about!




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