Robert Nixon: Tastemaker and Innovator of Casandra Peoperties

by Lisa Ajello on July 1, 2014


You know you are in good hands when you are working with one of Casandra Properties most aggressive real estate agents, the insanely confident, no nonsense,” Robert Nixon”!!! What a pleasure it was for the eye PR media staff to be able to get a sneak peak into his world and into how passionate he is about this business which is as you all know  on a major upswing! An extreme mover and shaker, Robert Nixon started out in Marist College, where  he was the president of a super exclusive entrepreneural networking team. Robert said that being part of that team brought him to new levels on how to being the best team leader is possible. In that position he won awards along with his fellow students for generating pitches for venture capitalist firms and investors and many other high level game plans were put into action and blue printed toward his future goals which  he is on his way to achieve at this very moment!!!

Casandra Properties  has astoundingly done $1 billion in transactional real estate and in my opinion is one of the top sales and leasing companies around based on their company dynamics and the teams they have strategically put together! Some major projects that have finally broke ground and are on their way to change the face of the St. George area are the giant observation wheel project which will bring droves of tourists and locals from all over, the Empire outlets which are about to put Staten Island on the map  in terms of shopping goes, major luxury buildings, such as the Miami/NYC esque gorgeous building called, “The View” which Rob has exclusivity on, and I’m sure are plethora of others which are about  about to pop up before your eyes!

The St. George projects were on the back burner for awhile but have made their debut and are on fire. The St George theatre, Snug Harbor, the fresh food and vegetable markets all are major assests to this area, as well as the 911 memorial which is located on the outskirts of the S.I ferry. Don’t be surprised when this area becomes one of the hippest zip codes around. Word is that some major players are about to change the name of the game in this area and turn it into a cross between Long Branch and the N.Y.C. Staten Island has been in need of this for a long time and with the Casandra real estate team and Robert Nixon as one of their front runners it is sure to be a major success!!! They even won,”The Curbed Cup”, award for one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the city!

Robert Nixon is all about keeping a high level of professionalism and giving a personalized experience to each individual, and each business he is on the fore front with. His most valuable quality is his understanding of each one of his clients needs, getting them exactly where they desire to be and never accepting no as answer until they are in their desired location. Mr.Nixon is also involved in marketing and innovative development projects with Casandra which will become a catalyst for major future business deals.

If you’re in the market for real estate or you’d like to get involved, contact one of the best brokers around as the level of service you will receive is second to none, and the outcome is even greater!


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