FaFa Concepts: Deemed as the Most Elegant Alternative to Protecting Your Handbag

by Lisa Ajello on July 7, 2014



Farvadin Fathi, other wise known as,”FaFa”, in the world of fashion,design,and innovative thinkers conceptualized the creative concept of the almighty,”Hookup”! If you’re not familiar within this genius idea you will be now! The designers inspiration came out of an not so lucky experience, yet this not so lucky run in became the driving force behind her career. FaFa’s sister’s Hermes Birkin bag was stolen in a busy cafe! ¬†We all know the pretty price tag of a Birkin! After that the rest was history and, “FaFa Concepts”, was born!

Her invention was to build an elegant product to protect handbags from damage and theft! I know my biggest pet peeve is if a restaurant or bar doesn’t have a hook to hang my handbag and even then so I wonder will it hold my bag without breaking it’s handle? Most women I’m sure are like me and carry their nine lives and then some in their bag.It carries their life force!

Fa Fa orchestrated a meeting of the minds and collaborated with Stanford engineers to make this product the success it is today! She studied design at Esmond a International in Paris and understudied with many well known French designers. She took pride in The courses in product material and interior design she took at Parsons in NYC!

She was so dedicated to her vision that she came up with 3 different versions of the product she so proudly stands behind called the , “Hookup”.This product has been used by some of the most affluent women in the world!!!

For more information on this product,please visit www.fafaconcepts.com



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