Baby Soothe: Mother’s Touch Exclusively by Lauren Piccirillo

by Lisa Ajello on July 29, 2014



What an amazing concept and product that has just been brought to my attention!!!!!

Lauren Piccirillo a young, inventive new mother who was trying to multitask between her home, her day to day duties and the birth of her second child  came up with the ultimate innovative product which she likes to call,”Baby Soothe, Mother’s Touch”!!! This device is a holistic way to massage your child and calm the crying creating a peaceful environment for baby and mommy!

It’s the ultimate baby gift for a mother healing from pregnancy or delivery.Since massages are known to ease colic symptoms,soothing their nervous system,  boosting your child’s immune system by helping with digestion. and even alleviating their teething pain, Baby Soothe will be the perfect segway to creating this environment for your child!

Preparing bottles and meals has just gotten a whole lot easier, but most importantly your child is in a calmer place feeling nurtured due to the massaging pulses of their mother’s touch via Baby Soothe and its calming music.

Nurses, doctors,celebrities, and new mother’s have been raving about this one of a kind product! Mrs. Piccirillo said it is a drug free way to ease baby’s pain or discomfort.Baby Soothe even has an automatic shut off system in case the baby rolls on top of the device.This mommy has thought of everything!!!

From what I hear she has been working on this product for some time and rolled it out just as it was perfected! Her beautiful sons were her inspiration and now with this product they revel in every moment they share together.

I know exactly what I’m getting all of my new mommy friends!!!!

Kickstarter helped get her product out there, and it has only just begun!

For more information on this product, please email: or call (917)710.5629





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Lillian O'Connor July 31, 2014 at 8:00 am

Was disappointed to get the notice that you didnt reach your financial goal to proceed with this. Did you consider Shark Tank? I would love to get one for my niece who is due 9/9. Any possibility of getting one?

Many thanks and best of luck


Lisa Ajello July 31, 2014 at 10:53 am

She has had this idea on her mind for some time and I know she will do amazing with it, but if you have any suggestions for her Im sure the young mother would be grateful to hear your ideas to getting closer to her goal.

Thank You and have a beautiful day!


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