Favor For a Favor with Messiah Muhammad

by Lisa Ajello on July 31, 2014



One of the BEST known urban writers of our time, the beyond talented,”Messiah Muhammad! All I can say is I haven’t put this cliff hanger down for more than five minutes at  a time questioning the authors every move,wondering what’s next to occur.This book is by far my favorite read in a decade or so!!! It is exactly what intellects and fans of the great Maya Angelo have been in search of.A close comparison is “The Coldest Winter Ever”, by Soulja Sista.Many may say his first chapter has comparisons to a James Paterson novel.I think its in an entire class of its own.The reality and the detailed truth is what makes this piece so intriguing and not boring like most reads.If you love this, you must in fact get ready for,”The Curse of ClaraMay”, and all else that follows!

It is a unstoppable, over the top piece by the almighty,”Messiah Muhammad!He truly brings the audience with him through his journey as his story unfolds.Individuals from every ethnicity will be able to relate to his read due to the vast variety of characters he portrays through the urban community. One in particular,detective James Hatchet who is on the verge of retirement from the Rochester police dept is a key player in this story as he is on a mission to solve a triple homicide with one victim being his only son killed execution style in an unsolved murder. The narrator Shashonnie Williams journey takes place in Attica as he is serving a 30 year sentence which he ultimately is wrongly accused of.Next piece of the puzzle, is when a mobster in prison asks him to provide him with his freedom.The underlying question is could he make an informant disappear?

Next up is Mr.Williams grandmother who made a deal with a voodoo priestess from Haiti! The agreement was to get her grandson out of prison and in return a favor would be granted to the priestess! Hence the title, “A Favor for a Favor”!!! Hands down this is a movie in the making! This is the 2nd of a series and when it comes down to it it’s santeria and voodoo that are the center of this storyline and leave the readers at the edge of their seats!!!! The author’s roots began as a child in Haiti, as his travels take him to Rochester New York where he resides much of his life after his beloved grandmother’s passing.

Pondering upon his title,”A Favor for a Favor”, led me to think about how in life  people help others and sometimes in the long run in fact need that favor returned! At first you feel you do it to help and you don’t need anything in return, but somehow, somewhere down the line that favor comes in handy and gets you just where you need to be at that very moment in time!

Messiah Muhammad is a force to be reckoned with! He is  the author and the future screenplay writer of our time to be on the watch for!!! From where he was as a child, to how this unfolds,to where this leading man is headed is like night and day!!!!

We wish this rising star only the best and can not wait to see his series hit the silver screen!!! His childhood teachers knew he had a gift,now the whole world gets to see his creation come to life!!!



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