Scarlet Event Staffing For Your Next Soiree

by Lisa Ajello on August 28, 2014


Extremely excited to find out that the highly sought after Jeffrey Davila formerly of Forbes Magazine events has started his own Staffing company with his incredible partner Katherine Martin who is the granddaughter of the all famous, “Martins Corner”! What a dynamic duo!!!Truly!!!

Katherine has spent the better part of her life in the hospitality business which has been the pride and joy of her family for decades, and Jeff has annually worked at charitable functions such as the “American Cancer Society,” “Fox Up Fronts,” and “Bloomberg Family Picnic” as well!!!

Each has their own forte, and with two decades of combined experience and a staff who everyone, thus far, has been raving about all over NYC, it’s an absolute win-win for everyone involved!!!! Their company cater to small and large affairs, their staff include everything from waitstaff to bartenders,  full scale management team, model staff, cooks, promo models, and a wide variety of other top notch services!!!

I know exactly who me and the rest of the world will be using for their N.Y.C fashion week party!!!! No other than the super exclusiveScarlet Event Staffing team!!!!!

You can contact Jeff or Katherine at:

646.373.2412. or at 347.782.7874







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