GG Skin and its Master: Gilah Gurovitsch

by Lisa Ajello on November 20, 2014


Skin care guru Gilah Gurovitsch is in a league of her own! Besides taking on many A list clients who rumor has it never leave her side,the Ms. Gurovitsch has taken the skin care world by storm gracing  faces of clients around the globe! Gilah began her journey in Finland where she was born and raised and knew looking and feeling good from the inside out was the key factor to creating a skin care process and products that would change the skin care industry. She knew combining her love for reiki and spirituality would be a win win when it came  to making a clients skin look brand new! Gilah integrated the art of reiki into each face she touched giving that extra bit of love and care!

After leaving Europe Ms. Gurovitsch took her journey over to the N.Y.C where she soon became head of the skin care department of the legendary Soho Sanctuary located on Greene Street! There she met and has graced the faces of many celebrities,models, and unknowns who to this day after decades swear by her and her techniques and product line she created from scratch! After an amazing run in the big city, Gilah watched the movie,”Working Girl”, and was fascinated by the big yellow ferry transporting boatloads of people to work day in and day out! She had a friend who was living on the other side of the big apple and boat and decided to take a chance and head over to Staten Island where she decided to raise her two beautiful children! As a single mother, and new to the island she knew that she needed to create a buzz on the island like she did in Europe and in New York City so that she can settle down and make her mark!

Gilah has done reiki healing facials with her healing hands that clients swear by,micro current facials to wake up the face,and she is also known as the brow shaping queen! Before a big awards night many celebs have gone to her to create the perfect brow and to make sure their skin looks just right! Along with that she does waxing and she now creates from scratch amazing healing chakra candles! They are perfect to change the aura of your home, mind, and spirit and fabulous gift items for the holiday season! She is about to embark on showcasing her candles at some very high end NYC auction house events which she was asked to partake in due to the aesthetics and popularity of the brand!

I’m so happy to announce that after doing facials and treatments in her home Ms.Gurovitsch is now located at 710 Forest Ave,SI,NY 10310 in a wellness center with chiropractor  Dr.Andrea Buonato who specializes in the art of concept therapy.With concept therapy, she focus’s on different zones of your body that may need adjusting ie: circulatory zone,eliminative,respiratory,muscular,digestive,etc,etc.It’s a wonderful way to get your body aligned and feel better than you ever could imagine!

Two healers under one roof!!! Nothing can compare to that! And nothing can compare what each of these ladies will do to make you look and feel your very best!

To book your appointments please email gilah@ggskin and visit her website at




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