Show Stopping Designer Danittza Zimic Takes Mittmi Designs WorldWide

by Lisa Ajello on December 4, 2014


I have recently come across a designer whose headquarters is currently in Miami,but began her journey as  a little girl in  Peru with a dream and a spark for the creative side of life! Dannitza Zimic loved to dream in a world of color and imagination! Her thoughts were fluttered of  glamorous women wearing designs exclusively made by her! Her biggest inspiration came from her great grandmother especially since everyone who knew her admired her avant garde way of dressing and overall demeanor She was a clear fashion icon,especially in the eyes of her biggest fan,great granddaughter and currently world renowned designer of cutting edge trends Dannitza Zimic!

As a child Dannitza was use to being dressed in shades of gray and corduroys, which takes me back to my very own childhood! I remember as a little girl my mother not being into fashion much use to dress me in overalls, and brown shoes. My aunt would take me to shop in fun girly dresses and Dannitza was lucky enough to have her mother send her beautiful, bright colored dresses which brought her to life!

Dannitza  originally became a major player in real estate, but after the market plummeted  she knew it was up to her to make her childhood dreams a realty.She knew what she loved and can she could spot a trend from a mile away,but lately she just wasn’t finding pieces she was in love with when shopping! She knew this was a sure sign and with the help of a pattern maker,dressmaker and herself, Dannitza Zimic became a worldwide hit!!!!!

Mittmi Designs was then BORN!!! She started off with $200 dollars ,16 fabrics, and orders from friends.From that point on her destiny was in motion! She paved the way for her future and built upon what she made from her small beginnings! It seems that nothing was going to stop this determined,strong willed  lady! Ms. Zimic is a force to be reckoned with!!! She is one empowering woman full of  LIFE,LOVE, and BEAUTY!

She has since dressed singer Maya, the N.J Housewives,Maria Elena Salinas and so many more! Her garments are known for their fabulous fit and  are made in house! Puerto Rico will be her next destination to open up shop and I’m sure after that she’ll one day be taking on all of the Caribbean Islands! What a huge success that will be!!!! She also sells her designs on a wholesale level to 200 boutiques in the U.S,Greece,Australia,Canada,Ireland,Lebanon,Jamaica,France,Spain,Mexico, and Paris!!!

She has been featured in the N.Y Times,People Style Watch,CNN,the Miami Herald, and on many Hispanic media channels and known for unforgettable fabrics and prints  shes hand picks from around the globe!!!

Designer Danittza Zimic is hands down an inspiration to so many women from all over showing them that everyone can turn their passion into gold as long as they’re positive,ambitious, and have a vision!!!


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