The Authentic: Hip Hop’s Motivating Man

by Lisa Ajello on February 12, 2015


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I recently came across an artist who has been doing his thing in the hip hop community and beyond for well over a decade.His name: “The Authentic”! Fitting for who he is, where  he came from and the road he’s about to embark on! The Authentic is originally from South Jersey, a tough area to say the least. Music was a way through it all for him to express himself,and to show his passion for his culture, using the mic as a platform to deliver real life scenarios and to open people’s minds  to a reality that many did not understand!

From 100’s of performances and performing all over the country from New York City to Las Vegas he took his raw talent and began earning respect from many reputable figures.He shared the staged with KRS One,Big daddy Kane,Naughty By Nature,Jada Kiss,Styles P,Musiq SoulChild and so many more!

At this point he was ready to give back to his community! The Authentic said,by the grace of God he ended up going to college in North Carolina and making a name for himself as he took the college scene by storm!There he went on tour after tour, guest speaking every chance he had,putting together many live performances at the Martin Luther King Recreational Center in North Philly, even serving as a community relations director and spokesman for various non-profits and local movements.

He recalls growing up to 80’s hip hop, to the beats of Run DMC,KRS One,LL Cool-J, etc, etc.In the 90’s he toured the North East with Wyclef Jean’s award winning group,”City High”! At the time he signed withan independant label but it didn’t turn out as planned.At that point The Authentic knew it was time to step up his game and do what he did best! He bounced back like that and began rockin every stage he could, selling as many mixed tapes as he could get his hands on with no budget! He took this to the streets and beyond!

The Authentic hit the stage with LIL Kim,Tracey lee,Jackel the Bear and even landed a hot spot with lengendary  DJ Jay Ski! Later on it was with JadaKiss,Petey Pablo,Styles P, and DC.
Some of these moments and tours led him to a deal with an affiliate label with  NBC’s television network and from there he joined forces and formed Lock and Load releasing 2 hits!

After college he went back home and got sucked back into the hood.Trenton was a tough area especially in gang violence!That home coming prompted the release of,”The Line of Fire”.He moved a ground breaking number to the streets and the stores until tragedy struck! The Authentic was about to make his NYC biggest debut yet and as he left the stage he got word that his cousin and best friend was shot 2x in the back.After that fatal turn of events he recalled his cousins last conversation to him as he reminded him that the Authentic’s role was to be one of leadership and for him to become the public relations point person to the hoodsp!He knew it was time to turn away from the streets and to start spreading the word and using his voice as a tool for awareness of the realities that the inner city youths face!

He eventually moved to Philadelphia to continue his quest blazing through the city with new releases such as,“Reality of it all”,”Real Recognizes Real”, with hit single,”Turn it Up”!The Authentic made appearances all through Philly,Unity Day with Chaka Khan and what is near and dear to my heart based on what’s been going on in our communities today,”Stop the Violence” tours and campaigns!!! He worked on a compilation called,“Culture of Honor”,featuring Cassidy,Dipset,Tek, and Reef the Lost Cause!

He has captured like no other the reality of the streets, the real essence of hip hop since he is in a league of his own!!! His deep motivational tracks addressing social issues and the world around us is what sets him apart from the rest!!!!

The Authentic is beyond talented spreading the message for the youth of today to follow their passion and to express it in ways that don’t involve violence!!!

I look forward to collaborating with him on some big events we have in the works in the N.Y.C and beyond  involving art,music, fashion as a tribute to our youth and as a tribute to his ,” Stop The Violence” crusade!!!

This man has made his mark in the industry!!! That’s why he is my pick as hip hop’s leading motivating man!!!

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The Authentic February 18, 2015 at 1:18 pm

Amazing write up almost didn’t realize it was actually about me… thnx for the love and support… will indeed be pushing this! GOD bless…


Lisa Ajello February 21, 2015 at 6:32 pm

Amazing write up for an amazing talent!


Jon Q January 3, 2017 at 3:10 pm

Looking forward to more sounds!


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