John Beard’s World of HOPE: Have Only Positive Expectations

by Lisa Ajello on March 13, 2015



I would say it is safe to say after speaking with 23 year old John Beard  who was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer,epilepsy, and kidney failure that I have met my first real earth angel!!!

His story begins after his grandmother passed on when he was 8 years of age  and he quickly became part of the Florida foster care system which showed him how tough  life really could be being bounced from home to home, school to school, and even to crisis centers when he opted not to take the mandatory medication. John was told  it was a MUST when your in the foster system since the powers that be labeled foster children to be depressed! He was by force injected with medication. I can’t even imagine the fear such a young person going through such a traumatic experience must have felt! No one there to stop this and that very moment I’m sure he felt like a statistic!

At one time mentally and physically life was rough for John, but as he grew and grew in both aspects he knew that life would just get worse if he didn’t turn it around for himself.He knew know one else was going to and it was up to him even after being diagnosed with such illnesses that it was make it or break it! He went through a time that he was in trouble with the law,abused, and ran away but it was time to stop running and turn his situation around for himself and as an inspiration and role model to so many others which he is today!!!! At one time he took life too serious , he felt he never had a reason to smile,and  he felt a sense of abandonment.Today he keeps himself grounded by not beating himself up, has a new thought process and a disciplined knowledge learning from the past by staying humbled.

John may have gotten sick from moving from home to home and being exposed to asbestos or mold  and fibers.He was told that when that when the AC is on in a moist house it can build water mold and its quite possible how he became ill.Most people would think about suing or being angry, but John Beard knew that deep down as he stated evil doesn’t fix evil. He said that everyday is a journey and an experience and now he tries to have the best time in anything he does and he always which struck a cord with me looks at the glass half full.That has always been my outlook on life as well, but hearing it from John took the expression to a whole new level for me and I am proud to have become a friend of such a powerful,special, earth angel and being!!!

 John became thankful for second chances, for the air he breathes, and is truly blessed for the man he has become!Who he use to be is dead to him and he urges everyone to do the same and never be ashamed of their journey and to realize that your path shapes who you are today at this very moment in time!!! He said that GOD sees us as perfect and that’s all the reinforcement he needs to get by.He vented out his past to get to his future.

He actually graduated high school at 15 years of age taking college courses in high school and took summer courses which led him to leadership programs and to later starting his own business with H.O.P.E nation which are t-shirts and hats promoting his brand about hope and enlightening the lives of so many along the way. He’s in the midst of rolling out a program to send teddy bears to sick children around the country. And with the help of others we can make his mission come true.John Beard has a love of photography,of healthy eating and lifestyle and above all was blessed with a beautiful daughter through the grace of GOD!

The most important thing he has taught me is to take a time out for yourself.Look at the who,what,where, and when of your life and if it’s not good for you then make that change and turn your negatives into positives and turn your frowns into smiles! Love others more than you love yourself and watch how your world will change! Be an example for someone else, accept your situation or change it and above all enjoy life and create the moment!

I have to say I am blown away by his willingness to help so many in need, his journey and where its about to lead next! What a shining light and ray of hope for so many!!!

God Bless!!!

With any questions on his H.O.P.E nation line and on his latest quests:





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