The Parlor: Soho Social

by Lisa Ajello on January 18, 2017

The N.Y.C and soho’s best hidden secret!

Loving this members only social club called, image“The Parlor”!

This dl industry hotspot is targeted roughly for 25- 45 year old members who have a passion for creative,finance, real estate or technological fields or past times.

They bring in the best of the best in the industry to network members and guests in all the circles they need to be in.

Lets not forget their fabulous dining area using the esteemed chef from 11 Madison serving th best of the best!

The Parlor has a fierce bar area and great place for events and after party ies with their world renowned DJ’s and clientele!

Can’t wait to see their,”Layana Aguilar”, fashion show first seen on,”Project Runway”,and hit the after event tomorrow night!

This is one night you do not want to miss!

You know little Ms. eye PR had to join!


Be in the Look out for a list of some of their upcoming mega events!!!


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