The Collection of all Collection’s by Lidiany Braga

by Lisa Ajello on January 22, 2018






One of my favorite emerging designers of 2018 is the Brazilian babe, “Liddiany Braga”.

She always had a ❤️ for design and the arts from her swim wear days to designing her very own bridal gown and now her easy to wear, feminine frocks that are a favorite among every woman from almost every walk of life.

Lidianny Braga knows what women want to feel beautiful as far as silhouette goes, attention to detail and just the right touch she adds to everyone of her coveted pieces.

Lidianny has travelled the globe and learned about women from different regions, different sizes and different lifestyles and somehow she seems to have been able to please the masses.

Mrs. Braga has also had a strong background in high end sales on all ends of the spectrum, she is touted as the  best of the best in high end customer service, and  above all has always gone the extra mile for every customer and inquiry that has passed over her desk.

I am forecasting that the Lidiany Braga Collection will be the IT collection of 2018 and beyond!

Easy to fold, easy to pack for your last minute weekend vaca’s or Hampton getaways!!!

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