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The Collection of all Collection’s by Lidiany Braga

by Lisa Ajello on January 22, 2018






One of my favorite emerging designers of 2018 is the Brazilian babe, “Liddiany Braga”.

She always had a ❤️ for design and the arts from her swim wear days to designing her very own bridal gown and now her easy to wear, feminine frocks that are a favorite among every woman from almost every walk of life.

Lidianny Braga knows what women want to feel beautiful as far as silhouette goes, attention to detail and just the right touch she adds to everyone of her coveted pieces.

Lidianny has travelled the globe and learned about women from different regions, different sizes and different lifestyles and somehow she seems to have been able to please the masses.

Mrs. Braga has also had a strong background in high end sales on all ends of the spectrum, she is touted as the  best of the best in high end customer service, and  above all has always gone the extra mile for every customer and inquiry that has passed over her desk.

I am forecasting that the Lidiany Braga Collection will be the IT collection of 2018 and beyond!

Easy to fold, easy to pack for your last minute weekend vaca’s or Hampton getaways!!!

For more information please visit:






Miguel Parades and Hale Bob for Art Basel 2017

by Lisa Ajello on November 29, 2017


Art Basel Miami 2017

by Lisa Ajello on November 22, 2017




The lovely Meredith Weil is available to teach small groups and private classes at the beach or park in Cannes France  as we speak and upon her return from her European adventure yiu can find this powerhouse at Trio Yoga in Miami!!!

This is one class and teacher you do not want to miss!!!


Volavida Art Explosion on the L.E.S

by Lisa Ajello on May 18, 2017




So excited to hit the ever so anticipated premiere of the,”Breaking Point” movie at the Courthouse Theatre tomorrow 4/28 in New York City!!!

Can’t believe the hype on this movie and the ratings already!

What a beyond well casted story and produced by two of my favorite producers in the industry today the fabulous, “Chris Victor and Joe Gawlis”!!!

This is a MUST SEE!!!

If you’re in New York City or heading there tomorrow, no other place to be!!!

After party to follow at DL Lounge!!!

See you all there!!!






Chris Victor is one actor/producer that  more than ever has been  making a name for himself and a mark in the industry!!! Mr. Victor began his career as Wall Street stockbroker from Brooklyn, later to open up a personalized massage business, then out of nowhere takes the film industry by storm with his charismatic personality, talent, and extremely good looks. Anyone that meets the charming Mr. Victor will rave about what a special, multi- faceted person he is accomplishing any task put in his path!

Some movies he has acted in or produced are:

1-The Runner of Pamplona

2-Back in the Day


4-The Dark Knight Rise


Chris being the go getter that he is, stepped up his game from wearing his actor hat to getting into production as well, starting the infamous,” Chris Victor Productions”!

I have been fortunate enough to network with this powerhouse and look forward to teaming up with such a well versed actor/ producer!!! Chris has been extremely active in the film festival circuit, where he has met many of his co-stars and filmmakers and it has always worked in his advantage to go behind the scenes, meet and greet, and teach up and comers the ropes.

With so many new, and exciting ideas and projects under his belt, the world should be on the look for what is on his agenda next!

Chris Victor has a multitude of surprises up his sleeve!

For inquiries or more information on Chris Victor please email :







The Parlor: Soho Social

by Lisa Ajello on January 18, 2017

The N.Y.C and soho’s best hidden secret!

Loving this members only social club called, image“The Parlor”!

This dl industry hotspot is targeted roughly for 25- 45 year old members who have a passion for creative,finance, real estate or technological fields or past times.

They bring in the best of the best in the industry to network members and guests in all the circles they need to be in.

Lets not forget their fabulous dining area using the esteemed chef from 11 Madison serving th best of the best!

The Parlor has a fierce bar area and great place for events and after party ies with their world renowned DJ’s and clientele!

Can’t wait to see their,”Layana Aguilar”, fashion show first seen on,”Project Runway”,and hit the after event tomorrow night!

This is one night you do not want to miss!

You know little Ms. eye PR had to join!


Be in the Look out for a list of some of their upcoming mega events!!!



JP Marcellino at Invite Only

by Lisa Ajello on June 8, 2016



Adora just rolled out their ever sooooo soft pastel pallet for spring and critics are in heaven!

This simple bag is the quintessential, “IT bag”, for mothers, working women and ladies on the go!!!


With it’s beautiful matching leather pouch and ease to travel with, this bag is a must in every color for every season!!!


To place your order please email:





don j wtc


One of my FAVORITE artists of this time whose hitting the scene hard is no other than music legend and artist,” DON J”!

On April 16th from 7 to 10 pm, Be part of history and his latest exhibition Soul Evolved/Life of a Vandal  debuting  at the new World Trade Center art center!!!

This addition to downtown NYC and the world trade is going to be epic!!!


JP Marcellino of Billion Dollar Buyer

by Lisa Ajello on April 7, 2016



Spiritual Gangster

by Lisa Ajello on April 7, 2016

No one does SPIRIT WEAR better than OG,”Spiritual Gangster”! From it’s super yummy fabrications, to it’s ever soooo simple blasts of spirituality! Ladies,children and yogi’s all over the world live for what SG is bringing to you next!


Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!!!







Kids the Frog

by Lisa Ajello on April 7, 2016

SOOOO in LOVE with this ever sooo ADORBS kids collection……..

Brought to you by Wai Ng and his ever sooo talented entourage!







63 Gansevoort is the Place to Be!

by Lisa Ajello on April 7, 2016

Chris Reda and his groups hottest new venue to hit the NYC!!!

bar nana


Young Fresh Nu NYFW 2016

by Lisa Ajello on March 11, 2016

One of the fiercest fashion closing fashion events to hit the NYC this season! Young,Fresh, and NU by designer Clash by Dash and his ever so eclectic entourage!!!

What an insane collaboration of fashion!!! Many hail him as next to take over the House of Fields scene since legendary Patricia Fields just recently closed her doors! Pat will be a tough act to follow but I have faith that Clash by Dash will be following in her footsteps!

He has already made a name for himself and left his mark in the NYC fashion scene with his over the top designs and insane events!!!


NYC is wishing Clash by Dash boatloads of LOVE, and sending alifetime of LOVE,HAPPINESS, and BLESSINGS to our girl PAT FIELDS!!!



3W Magazine: Whatever,Whenever,Wherever

by Lisa Ajello on March 9, 2015




Gene Mikhov, founder and marketing guru of 3W magazine is on top of his game! He started and headed up GMB direct, XVIO, Big Appled TV and now his latest endeavor 3W is rapidly becoming a household name!!! Anyone who is looking for the best of the best in the things to do or places to go knows exactly where it’s at!!! Their main goal was to create a concierge service with the most  unique, exotic ideas that brings the perfect touch of glamour to the table!!!From what I hear their  success rate has been second to none!

Their team really gets to know each and every client and their specialists even take the liberty to go as far as transforming last minute reservations, and transportation needs and turning them into seamless experiences.Categories which definitely are their forte are nightlife since Mr. Mikhov was in the business and is known as New York City’s nightlife expert, leisure ,food, design,style and travel another fan favorite!!!

Some fun exciting topics they’ve written about include:

1-Top Recommendations of What to Do in New York City.

2-The Ultimate Aviation Experience

3-3W’S Styling Event

4-World’s First Hybrid Watch: Kairo’s

5-NYC;s Best Eco Friendly Spa’s and Salon’s.

6-Short term Rental Finders in N.Y.

7-Top Oyster Bars in NYC

8-Hip Art Gallery Openings


 WHATEVER you want to do,WHENEVER you want to do it, and WHEREVER  you want to go V.I.P style, Gene Mikhov and his 3W Experience is the only way to get there!!!

I can attest for them first hand!!!! And they were absolutely nights to remember by far!


For more information on their services please contact:



Master Piece Maker King Saladeen

by Lisa Ajello on February 28, 2015







From celebs to every fashionista and beyond  that is part of the scene in every  big city, King Saladeen seems to be the hippest artist of choice these days!!! From his Art Basel Show in Miami this past December at Lou La Vie, to A’s for Jay’s, to his solo show this month in Soho, Raheem Saladeen Johnson is making quite a splash with his fans and critics!!! One of his most talked about works of art is his over the top FIERCE Bugatti interior work and his flawless Rennen Rims commission, and his female clientele are going crazy for his Birkin and LV bag huge hits!!! King Saladeen has been quoted saying that his inspirations have always came from a place so deep within, that ART has been his one and only way to express it! Creativity is an amazing outlet to express oneself and it seems like its what made this self taught artist  the man he is today!!!

Raheem Saladeen Johnson was born and raised in West Philly,where his passion for the arts began even before the age of 5! He would draw on whatever he could get his hands on especially  any wall that came his way, and especially for his mother!As an inner city child the arts and activities were far and few between. B ball became another great love of King Saladeen’s .He shined in the sport like no other scoring 1000 points in high school and in his christian prep school.For the first time he was given the opportunity to travel across the country where he began playing for the elite AAU teams. Upon his travels he began daydreaming about color and design and the landscapes he viewed were another source of influence and inspiration!

Unfortunately, an auto accident at 15 put basketball on the sidelines for a bit, but fortunately his little hiatus from the sport re-ignited his spark for drawing!!!! Upon healing from the accident,he received a Div 1 scholarship for the NCAA,but within 2 years he realized the paint brush was his true love and he was now ready to  put down the basketball and go full speed ahead!!! As he returned home to Philly, Raheem worked as design artist for a clothing company which later grew into a national success. After the company was sold he began doing work for a juvenile detention center for teens in Philly.While he was there he use to create paintings and sketches as a stress relief but it became a light in the dark for the teens and what they’ve been through and their current situations! I am sure he was a breathe of fresh air to the facility and what he brought to the table!

Luckily for King Saladeen his best friend ,John JP Thompson who always knew his talent and worth bought him his first set of professional art supplies.He influenced him to soley focus on the arts and to make it his life long career! He took his friends advice and the rest was history!!! In 2011 he began his venture at the Saladeen Art Group! Sadly a couple of years later, JP the man who motivated him to push forward and do what he does best past away of brain cancer! King Saladeen will never forget the friend was!!!

He began presenting art work in all of the hip cities and King Saladeen graced Hollywood with his first solo show and Miami there after!!! A huge buzz in the art community spread like wild fire and King Saladeen was onto gallery work,interiors for super high end auto collectors and the fabulous of fabulous fashion companies!!! I hear when he begins his all famous projects he paints based on his inspiration and vibe!!!

His love of art at such a young age never left him and carried him to his mind blowing career and journey which he is about to embark on!!!

I look forward to seeing where he goes next!!! I’m sure he’ll be worldwide due to his talents and his amazing management team Oren Schneider of PCNY along with his partner Wayne Schneider.

For bookings please email:

For more on King Saladeen please visit:




king 3



March Miami Funkshion Fashion Show 2015

by Lisa Ajello on February 21, 2015

Funkshion 700miami 1


Get ready for another SUPER FAB Miami Beach show brought to you by the fiercest ticket in town: FUNKSHION FASHION March 22,23,24,25,26 at 6PM,7PM,8PM,9PM!!!


The Italian Beauty: The Adora Bag

by Lisa Ajello on February 12, 2015




What an amazing new company! Adora bags was just recently launched in November of 2014 creating quite the buzz this fashion week!They launched their first vertical product, the Adora tote”! This bold and modern bag is made with the highest quality materials that the  industry’s set their eyes on, with a removable pouch to enclose your phone or small belongings! This ever soo clever bag coming in black,orange, and blue will be shown today  at Fogo right across from the MOMA at 40 W 53rd street for the fabulous Nolcha Fashion Week! It is a great way for them to show the world for the first time the beauty and craftsmanship of their products!!!

I am soo excited to find such a functionable bag that can hold everything I need on a daily and then some for such a key price point! This incredible price as I heard made a breach in the market place! At $280 retail I do not think anyone can compete!Each piece is made in Vinci Florence made by the worlds best craftsman and artisans.They have worked with Prada,Gucci,Armani and now they are creating masterpieces with Adora!

The beauty of there designs is that all of their bags are incorporated in the U.S and based out of New York.Their designers are Matteo Gamberale,Matteo Gemignani,and Pietrantonio di Lenno.The story behind the brand tells us that both Matteo’s were originally from Tuscany, both have family that have been in the business for years and years but they never met till they both moved to the United States! After their chance meeting and so many coincidences both businessman knew it was their fate to bring the charm of the real Italian craftsman to the U.S while being able to offer these phenominal pieces at an affordable price!

Adora has a strong partnership with Fahrenheit 212,where they have 10% ownership in the business.Their vision was for them to become the Italian handcrafted Bespoke brand!Their goal is to bring emerging Italian fashion brands directly to the US!

Each any everyone of the Adora team and family has a passion for what they’re doing and truly cares about each  detail put into their products! I have no doubt that this company and bag are going to be a smashing success! And I hear some gorgeous new styles are about to take over the fashion scene this coming weekend!!!

 Alessandra Ambrosio is a perfect example of someone who should be carrying this very bag! She is the designers pick since she is beautiful, a mother, and always on the go! This bag is so versatile it can be worn by mothers,business women and anyone who is a get up and go type of gal! Its fashion forward,easy to open, with plenty of space for all of your everyday needs and beyond!!!

I’m all ready to bring my Adora on my trip! It’s packed and plane ready!!!

Please visit:







The Authentic: Hip Hop’s Motivating Man

by Lisa Ajello on February 12, 2015


authetic 3


I recently came across an artist who has been doing his thing in the hip hop community and beyond for well over a decade.His name: “The Authentic”! Fitting for who he is, where  he came from and the road he’s about to embark on! The Authentic is originally from South Jersey, a tough area to say the least. Music was a way through it all for him to express himself,and to show his passion for his culture, using the mic as a platform to deliver real life scenarios and to open people’s minds  to a reality that many did not understand!

From 100’s of performances and performing all over the country from New York City to Las Vegas he took his raw talent and began earning respect from many reputable figures.He shared the staged with KRS One,Big daddy Kane,Naughty By Nature,Jada Kiss,Styles P,Musiq SoulChild and so many more!

At this point he was ready to give back to his community! The Authentic said,by the grace of God he ended up going to college in North Carolina and making a name for himself as he took the college scene by storm!There he went on tour after tour, guest speaking every chance he had,putting together many live performances at the Martin Luther King Recreational Center in North Philly, even serving as a community relations director and spokesman for various non-profits and local movements.

He recalls growing up to 80’s hip hop, to the beats of Run DMC,KRS One,LL Cool-J, etc, etc.In the 90’s he toured the North East with Wyclef Jean’s award winning group,”City High”! At the time he signed withan independant label but it didn’t turn out as planned.At that point The Authentic knew it was time to step up his game and do what he did best! He bounced back like that and began rockin every stage he could, selling as many mixed tapes as he could get his hands on with no budget! He took this to the streets and beyond!

The Authentic hit the stage with LIL Kim,Tracey lee,Jackel the Bear and even landed a hot spot with lengendary  DJ Jay Ski! Later on it was with JadaKiss,Petey Pablo,Styles P, and DC.
Some of these moments and tours led him to a deal with an affiliate label with  NBC’s television network and from there he joined forces and formed Lock and Load releasing 2 hits!

After college he went back home and got sucked back into the hood.Trenton was a tough area especially in gang violence!That home coming prompted the release of,”The Line of Fire”.He moved a ground breaking number to the streets and the stores until tragedy struck! The Authentic was about to make his NYC biggest debut yet and as he left the stage he got word that his cousin and best friend was shot 2x in the back.After that fatal turn of events he recalled his cousins last conversation to him as he reminded him that the Authentic’s role was to be one of leadership and for him to become the public relations point person to the hoodsp!He knew it was time to turn away from the streets and to start spreading the word and using his voice as a tool for awareness of the realities that the inner city youths face!

He eventually moved to Philadelphia to continue his quest blazing through the city with new releases such as,“Reality of it all”,”Real Recognizes Real”, with hit single,”Turn it Up”!The Authentic made appearances all through Philly,Unity Day with Chaka Khan and what is near and dear to my heart based on what’s been going on in our communities today,”Stop the Violence” tours and campaigns!!! He worked on a compilation called,“Culture of Honor”,featuring Cassidy,Dipset,Tek, and Reef the Lost Cause!

He has captured like no other the reality of the streets, the real essence of hip hop since he is in a league of his own!!! His deep motivational tracks addressing social issues and the world around us is what sets him apart from the rest!!!!

The Authentic is beyond talented spreading the message for the youth of today to follow their passion and to express it in ways that don’t involve violence!!!

I look forward to collaborating with him on some big events we have in the works in the N.Y.C and beyond  involving art,music, fashion as a tribute to our youth and as a tribute to his ,” Stop The Violence” crusade!!!

This man has made his mark in the industry!!! That’s why he is my pick as hip hop’s leading motivating man!!!

Please Visit:


authentic 1


authentic 2






I have recently come across a designer whose headquarters is currently in Miami,but began her journey as  a little girl in  Peru with a dream and a spark for the creative side of life! Dannitza Zimic loved to dream in a world of color and imagination! Her thoughts were fluttered of  glamorous women wearing designs exclusively made by her! Her biggest inspiration came from her great grandmother especially since everyone who knew her admired her avant garde way of dressing and overall demeanor She was a clear fashion icon,especially in the eyes of her biggest fan,great granddaughter and currently world renowned designer of cutting edge trends Dannitza Zimic!

As a child Dannitza was use to being dressed in shades of gray and corduroys, which takes me back to my very own childhood! I remember as a little girl my mother not being into fashion much use to dress me in overalls, and brown shoes. My aunt would take me to shop in fun girly dresses and Dannitza was lucky enough to have her mother send her beautiful, bright colored dresses which brought her to life!

Dannitza  originally became a major player in real estate, but after the market plummeted  she knew it was up to her to make her childhood dreams a realty.She knew what she loved and can she could spot a trend from a mile away,but lately she just wasn’t finding pieces she was in love with when shopping! She knew this was a sure sign and with the help of a pattern maker,dressmaker and herself, Dannitza Zimic became a worldwide hit!!!!!

Mittmi Designs was then BORN!!! She started off with $200 dollars ,16 fabrics, and orders from friends.From that point on her destiny was in motion! She paved the way for her future and built upon what she made from her small beginnings! It seems that nothing was going to stop this determined,strong willed  lady! Ms. Zimic is a force to be reckoned with!!! She is one empowering woman full of  LIFE,LOVE, and BEAUTY!

She has since dressed singer Maya, the N.J Housewives,Maria Elena Salinas and so many more! Her garments are known for their fabulous fit and  are made in house! Puerto Rico will be her next destination to open up shop and I’m sure after that she’ll one day be taking on all of the Caribbean Islands! What a huge success that will be!!!! She also sells her designs on a wholesale level to 200 boutiques in the U.S,Greece,Australia,Canada,Ireland,Lebanon,Jamaica,France,Spain,Mexico, and Paris!!!

She has been featured in the N.Y Times,People Style Watch,CNN,the Miami Herald, and on many Hispanic media channels and known for unforgettable fabrics and prints  shes hand picks from around the globe!!!

Designer Danittza Zimic is hands down an inspiration to so many women from all over showing them that everyone can turn their passion into gold as long as they’re positive,ambitious, and have a vision!!!


For more information and to shop these GORGEOUS LINES please visit:





GG Skin and its Master: Gilah Gurovitsch

by Lisa Ajello on November 20, 2014


Skin care guru Gilah Gurovitsch is in a league of her own! Besides taking on many A list clients who rumor has it never leave her side,the Ms. Gurovitsch has taken the skin care world by storm gracing  faces of clients around the globe! Gilah began her journey in Finland where she was born and raised and knew looking and feeling good from the inside out was the key factor to creating a skin care process and products that would change the skin care industry. She knew combining her love for reiki and spirituality would be a win win when it came  to making a clients skin look brand new! Gilah integrated the art of reiki into each face she touched giving that extra bit of love and care!

After leaving Europe Ms. Gurovitsch took her journey over to the N.Y.C where she soon became head of the skin care department of the legendary Soho Sanctuary located on Greene Street! There she met and has graced the faces of many celebrities,models, and unknowns who to this day after decades swear by her and her techniques and product line she created from scratch! After an amazing run in the big city, Gilah watched the movie,”Working Girl”, and was fascinated by the big yellow ferry transporting boatloads of people to work day in and day out! She had a friend who was living on the other side of the big apple and boat and decided to take a chance and head over to Staten Island where she decided to raise her two beautiful children! As a single mother, and new to the island she knew that she needed to create a buzz on the island like she did in Europe and in New York City so that she can settle down and make her mark!

Gilah has done reiki healing facials with her healing hands that clients swear by,micro current facials to wake up the face,and she is also known as the brow shaping queen! Before a big awards night many celebs have gone to her to create the perfect brow and to make sure their skin looks just right! Along with that she does waxing and she now creates from scratch amazing healing chakra candles! They are perfect to change the aura of your home, mind, and spirit and fabulous gift items for the holiday season! She is about to embark on showcasing her candles at some very high end NYC auction house events which she was asked to partake in due to the aesthetics and popularity of the brand!

I’m so happy to announce that after doing facials and treatments in her home Ms.Gurovitsch is now located at 710 Forest Ave,SI,NY 10310 in a wellness center with chiropractor  Dr.Andrea Buonato who specializes in the art of concept therapy.With concept therapy, she focus’s on different zones of your body that may need adjusting ie: circulatory zone,eliminative,respiratory,muscular,digestive,etc,etc.It’s a wonderful way to get your body aligned and feel better than you ever could imagine!

Two healers under one roof!!! Nothing can compare to that! And nothing can compare what each of these ladies will do to make you look and feel your very best!

To book your appointments please email gilah@ggskin and visit her website at





RESONATE TV Takes On Art in the N.Y.C

by Lisa Ajello on November 9, 2014



The ever so talented Russell Burgess of Resonate TV sent me some fab highlights from some of his favorite cutting edge art events which are revolutionizing the world of art like we know it! I was coincidentally hitting the same scene as Russell  this summer as I followed  Savior El Mundo, one of my favorite artists who has been throwing the jump off  art events which exhibit live art and music in downtown NYC.My favorite was the RUN DMC tribute which I was soo excited to be part of and watch Dee perform live as Savior’s talented entourage painted on while jamming to the hip hop beats! Another world renowned artist Pesu who lived in Tokyo and is getting a’lot of buzz as well for his shows,parties, and designing fierce pieces for well known designers.He even graced the walls of the DREAM hotel in the NYC.

Mr Burgess also was also blessed to work with the beautiful songstress Esnavi at BB Kings and many other venues! She is a force to be reckoned with and I am an absolute fan!


For a  a sneak peak of some of Russell’s top pics from Resonate TV:

Contact information for Pesu:

Contact information for Resonate TV:

Looking forward to see what Resonate TV has on their agenda next!!!






Petite Parade Kids Fashion Shows

by Lisa Ajello on October 23, 2014



Just attended Day 2 of the Petite Parade Kids shows in NYC on Sunday October 19th which is the 7th edition! This time the shows were located in Bath Studios on East 11th st spreading excitment as usual throughout the toddler and teen industry and community! What a joy it always is to watch the mini model brigade strut their stuff and take over the scene! Each child soooo beautiful and unique in their own ways and such fun designers showcasing their newest and runway ready pieces!!!

One of my favorites was,”ARIA“!All pieces are handmade in the USA and many of the designers  trends and designs were food inspired,play date ready, and equipped for their very OWN,” FASHIONS NIGHT OUT”!The looks were simple yet elegant,contemporary, yet modern!Aria’s designer prides herself in keeping a fresh approach to fashion as she states with her colorful chic creations!

Visit and you may email her at


Another big hit was,“CHARMED“, a line created for kids, tots, and teens.It is a class act line coveted by moms and adored by kids for their super cool looks!Their quality is second to none and their chic trendy look sets them a part from all the rest. Each piece is full of vibrant color and as the line is called, filled with plenty of CHARM!

Charm is based out of NY and seems to be setting the tone as a homerun for new up and coming designers like themselves!

Visit and with any sales inquiries you may email

The Petite Parade is always a hit especially with lead producer,mother, and designer Tiziana Indelicato and her crew in charge!

These are by far the best children’s shows in the industry!

Look out for Petite Parade Miami hitting October 25th and 26th in the design district!

For more info on these shows,please email




The Showstopping SolShine Childrens Line

by Lisa Ajello on October 23, 2014







SolShine childrenswear and accessories was beyond my favorite new finds among childrens designers!!!Attending the fabulous, “Petite Parade“, kids fashion shows year after year and discovering new designers as their mini models walked the catwalk has always been a joy of mine! Being a mother of a beautiful 7 year old daughter  it has always been exciting for the two of us to attend the shows together and work the activities as one of our little mommy and daughter bonding days.Last season my daughter spotted the cutest, most ecclectic little girl this time not on stage, but part of the audience with her beautiful hip mother. Everyone in the audience and beyond was going crazy for this dynamic duo!The little girl’s name was,”Solee Laboy“, and she was rocking the best sunglasses and outfits I have ever seen.She stood out among the crowd and to me was the star of the little fashion brigade last year and this year as well! Not suprisingly when I approached her mom the super fabulous,” Dominque Sampson,” did I find out that she designed her precious princess’s  entire get up including those coveted sunglasses that the whole audience was raving about! Hence, from that day on did my daughter and myself become their biggest fans!!!

The story begins with designer Dominque Sampson as she unfolds her passion for what she does through the eyes of her sweet daughter Solee who is her sunshine,her heart, and beyond! She wanted to create affordable clothing and accessories, yet stylish and unique giving children a voice through her designs and allowing their fun side to shine through every step of the way! She would describe her pieces as being Afro Centric,Bohemian, yet a bit on the Hipster side which pretty much  sums up who she is! She draws her inspiration from her African heritage and has been inspired in so many ways by.”Solange Knowles“.

Most of her designs are exuberant and show loads of personality,handcrafted with LOVE and PATIENCE through Dominque’s true passion for what she does day in and day out! She noticed how her daughter and children in general love to wear adult accessories such as sunglasses,jewelry,and clothing. Based on her observations and from being a hip mother, she knew what she  was about to create in honor of her sunshine,”Solee”!!!

She is truly one of my favorite new finds and designers and I’m soo happy to be sharing her with all of you!!!

Happy Shopping!!! 

For more information on this amazing designer please visit her at and you may email her about her designs as well at






VBH Luxury

by Lisa Ajello on September 5, 2014



New York City Fashion Week with VBH Luxury

by Lisa Ajello on September 5, 2014


vbh11111vbh1111111vbh22vbh111On Tuesday, September 9th from 3 to 7 pm, “VBH Luxury”, will be showing their beyond BEAUTIFUL collection at their new showroom in the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City.From the vibrant colors of his handbags and clutches to their luxurious skins and fabrications, designer Bruce Hoeksema seems to always be outdoing himself from season to season! His pieces are some of the most exclusive in the world fit for his princess, celebrity, and socialite clients, as well as the rest of the world who can appreciate hand made and hand sewn luxury all made in his atelier in Florence,Italy as well as his to die for jewelry selection hand set by his Italian artisans.

Come join us for some shopping,champagne, and a sneak peak at Mr. Hoeksema’s newest designs and his most iconic!!!

For more information on VBH Luxury please call us at 212.717.9800, now located at the Four Seasons Hotel at 57 East 57th Street, N.Y,N.Y 10022.



Scarlet Event Staffing For Your Next Soiree

by Lisa Ajello on August 28, 2014


Extremely excited to find out that the highly sought after Jeffrey Davila formerly of Forbes Magazine events has started his own Staffing company with his incredible partner Katherine Martin who is the granddaughter of the all famous, “Martins Corner”! What a dynamic duo!!!Truly!!!

Katherine has spent the better part of her life in the hospitality business which has been the pride and joy of her family for decades, and Jeff has annually worked at charitable functions such as the “American Cancer Society,” “Fox Up Fronts,” and “Bloomberg Family Picnic” as well!!!

Each has their own forte, and with two decades of combined experience and a staff who everyone, thus far, has been raving about all over NYC, it’s an absolute win-win for everyone involved!!!! Their company cater to small and large affairs, their staff include everything from waitstaff to bartenders,  full scale management team, model staff, cooks, promo models, and a wide variety of other top notch services!!!

I know exactly who me and the rest of the world will be using for their N.Y.C fashion week party!!!! No other than the super exclusiveScarlet Event Staffing team!!!!!

You can contact Jeff or Katherine at:

646.373.2412. or at 347.782.7874








Favor For a Favor with Messiah Muhammad

by Lisa Ajello on July 31, 2014



One of the BEST known urban writers of our time, the beyond talented,”Messiah Muhammad! All I can say is I haven’t put this cliff hanger down for more than five minutes at  a time questioning the authors every move,wondering what’s next to occur.This book is by far my favorite read in a decade or so!!! It is exactly what intellects and fans of the great Maya Angelo have been in search of.A close comparison is “The Coldest Winter Ever”, by Soulja Sista.Many may say his first chapter has comparisons to a James Paterson novel.I think its in an entire class of its own.The reality and the detailed truth is what makes this piece so intriguing and not boring like most reads.If you love this, you must in fact get ready for,”The Curse of ClaraMay”, and all else that follows!

It is a unstoppable, over the top piece by the almighty,”Messiah Muhammad!He truly brings the audience with him through his journey as his story unfolds.Individuals from every ethnicity will be able to relate to his read due to the vast variety of characters he portrays through the urban community. One in particular,detective James Hatchet who is on the verge of retirement from the Rochester police dept is a key player in this story as he is on a mission to solve a triple homicide with one victim being his only son killed execution style in an unsolved murder. The narrator Shashonnie Williams journey takes place in Attica as he is serving a 30 year sentence which he ultimately is wrongly accused of.Next piece of the puzzle, is when a mobster in prison asks him to provide him with his freedom.The underlying question is could he make an informant disappear?

Next up is Mr.Williams grandmother who made a deal with a voodoo priestess from Haiti! The agreement was to get her grandson out of prison and in return a favor would be granted to the priestess! Hence the title, “A Favor for a Favor”!!! Hands down this is a movie in the making! This is the 2nd of a series and when it comes down to it it’s santeria and voodoo that are the center of this storyline and leave the readers at the edge of their seats!!!! The author’s roots began as a child in Haiti, as his travels take him to Rochester New York where he resides much of his life after his beloved grandmother’s passing.

Pondering upon his title,”A Favor for a Favor”, led me to think about how in life  people help others and sometimes in the long run in fact need that favor returned! At first you feel you do it to help and you don’t need anything in return, but somehow, somewhere down the line that favor comes in handy and gets you just where you need to be at that very moment in time!

Messiah Muhammad is a force to be reckoned with! He is  the author and the future screenplay writer of our time to be on the watch for!!! From where he was as a child, to how this unfolds,to where this leading man is headed is like night and day!!!!

We wish this rising star only the best and can not wait to see his series hit the silver screen!!! His childhood teachers knew he had a gift,now the whole world gets to see his creation come to life!!!




VBH Luxury Now at the Four Season’s Hotel NYC

by Lisa Ajello on July 2, 2014

image  image image          We are so excited to announce that VBH Luxury ‘s showroom is  now centrally located at the legendary Four Seasons hotel on East 57th street in New York City for the time being! They are working retail and wholesale accounts from there as well as walk in’s and appointments. Bruce Hoeksema the companies visionary leader and designer has arranged this space into a full service store and shopping experience until his permanent home is set. VBH Luxury is one of the most sophisticated,luxury handbag lines ever created! All of their coveted designs are  made at the designers atelier in Florence Italy, and each bag is tagged and engraved touting the number bag it is in its lineup for the season. Everything Mr. Hoeksema touches turns to gold. His ideas and talents that make these bags what they are today is what this brand is all about.He does not mass produce since the beauty of his bags are that he specializes in exotic skins which he hand picks and creates a limited edition line as well as custom couture pieces based on his clients specific wants and needs. His clients are some of the most talked about women in the world! The royal ladies of a variety of countries without giving too much away live and breathe for his under the radar  chic works of art! Bruce Hoeksema’s ladies are the ones that set themselves apart from the crowd and respect and yearn for high quality goods!His clientele are celebrities, royalty, socialites and women who love and know the luxury market! Michelle Obama, Gwenyth Palthrow, Sara Jessica Parker,Jennifer Lopez,Oprah Winfrey, Olivia Palermo, the list goes on! Besides handbags Bruce Hoeksema designs one of the most gorgeous jewelry lines in creation!They were once showcased in his beefy vault fit for a king and his queen, but still can be ordered through his team at the Four Seasons hotel In New York City.Many of his pieces were tribal inspired with pave diamonds! Something you really don’t see out there! Before the Met Gala and Oscar’s everyone under the sun was after Bruce’s iconic Manila clutches and jewels! Mr. Hoeksema was also known for his home accessories and modern art collection which added just the perfect touch to his well known retail palace! The designer is on to the new and excited for what his future ideas may bring him! VBH is quite lucky to have such a hands in designer, businessman, as he jumps right into the mix of not only designing but actually learning how to physically produce and construct his masterpieces alongside of his beyond talented team he has hand picked In Italy where all of the VBH MAGIC happens!

Come shop VBH Luxury in New York City at the  Four Seasons Hotel located at 57 East 57th street between Park Ave and Madison Ave!

Ask the concierge for VBH’s private suite number and bring your favorite ladies to enjoy a truly pleasurable modern day shopping experience!

VBH Luxury 212.717.9800 for any questions regarding product or to book your private viewing of their latest collection!









You know you are in good hands when you are working with one of Casandra Properties most aggressive real estate agents, the insanely confident, no nonsense,” Robert Nixon”!!! What a pleasure it was for the eye PR media staff to be able to get a sneak peak into his world and into how passionate he is about this business which is as you all know  on a major upswing! An extreme mover and shaker, Robert Nixon started out in Marist College, where  he was the president of a super exclusive entrepreneural networking team. Robert said that being part of that team brought him to new levels on how to being the best team leader is possible. In that position he won awards along with his fellow students for generating pitches for venture capitalist firms and investors and many other high level game plans were put into action and blue printed toward his future goals which  he is on his way to achieve at this very moment!!!

Casandra Properties  has astoundingly done $1 billion in transactional real estate and in my opinion is one of the top sales and leasing companies around based on their company dynamics and the teams they have strategically put together! Some major projects that have finally broke ground and are on their way to change the face of the St. George area are the giant observation wheel project which will bring droves of tourists and locals from all over, the Empire outlets which are about to put Staten Island on the map  in terms of shopping goes, major luxury buildings, such as the Miami/NYC esque gorgeous building called, “The View” which Rob has exclusivity on, and I’m sure are plethora of others which are about  about to pop up before your eyes!

The St. George projects were on the back burner for awhile but have made their debut and are on fire. The St George theatre, Snug Harbor, the fresh food and vegetable markets all are major assests to this area, as well as the 911 memorial which is located on the outskirts of the S.I ferry. Don’t be surprised when this area becomes one of the hippest zip codes around. Word is that some major players are about to change the name of the game in this area and turn it into a cross between Long Branch and the N.Y.C. Staten Island has been in need of this for a long time and with the Casandra real estate team and Robert Nixon as one of their front runners it is sure to be a major success!!! They even won,”The Curbed Cup”, award for one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the city!

Robert Nixon is all about keeping a high level of professionalism and giving a personalized experience to each individual, and each business he is on the fore front with. His most valuable quality is his understanding of each one of his clients needs, getting them exactly where they desire to be and never accepting no as answer until they are in their desired location. Mr.Nixon is also involved in marketing and innovative development projects with Casandra which will become a catalyst for major future business deals.

If you’re in the market for real estate or you’d like to get involved, contact one of the best brokers around as the level of service you will receive is second to none, and the outcome is even greater!


Please visit and email

Casandra Properties:718.816.7799





Savior El Mundo is a New York City  artist to the core! It seems that his Latin Indian heritage, his love for his city,the arts, and music have brought him much of his successes in conjunction with his spirituality!!! Many of his works of art are intense spiritual pieces,centering upon the intensity of  deep,bold splattered lines,pervasive color and gloss bringing out his self confidence.While other pieces represent his deep Harlem roots showcasing amazing tributes to the Almighty hip hop artists,performers, and legends of our time!

The canvas’s he touches upon are sooooo vibrant and full of  distinct texture that they layer up to 10 compositions on one canvas! Each piece he touches  brings you closer to his culture,and his entire being!!!

Savior has been working the scene and the artistic powers that be with his weekly collage events and paintings! Every Tuesday evening him and his magical entourage bless the lower east side bringing people of all cultures,walks of life, and worlds together to the world of Savior El Mundo!!!!

Come join him at Ludlow 95 on the corner of Delancey Street and Ludlow! Network,Love and enjoy the beats of  his favorite dj’s!!!

I am looking so forward to being a part of this celebration and in the presence of this artist that is blowing up the scenes!

It takes a real creative New Yorker to know one!

This is what the NYC is all about!





Petite Parade: NYC’s Most Fabulous Kiddie Catwalk

by Lisa Ajello on March 23, 2014



Nobody does designer kids fashion shows like the one and only,”Petite Parade”! Show producers and fashion extraordinaires,” Tiziana Indelicato and Gina Rizzo”, take kids fashion to another level!

They began these amazing set of shows a few years ago showcasing the best of the best in the industry as far as fashion, models, and childrens products go! This year these shows have made it to legendary status! Celeb kids are walking, watching and sponsoring these sought after events. Some examples are PDiddy’s children, CC Sabathia’s wife as lead designer in the shows this year,the adorable twin brother’s mc’ing the event and the shows dessert of choice was the super delish,”Baked by Melissa”! Some of my favorite lines which headlined this year were Bonnie Young,Pale Cloud, Imoga, and Mischka Aoki.All to absolutely die for!

Vogue Bambini is always seated center and front and are a huge part of these shows as sponsors, writers, audience, and so much more! A show isn’t a show without Vogue being part of its celebratory events!Another amazing force in the children and mommy world is Danielle Libretti Fornes, of, “MOM WHO KNOWS”!!! A truly talented writer and blogger, super savvy mama who is always the first to know the new hottest products in the children’s market, and who even most recently graced the pages of Vogue Bambini with her take on American designers and European. Look out for her latest article and follow this super chic mom at

Year after year, these shows get bigger and bigger, and the lines are wrapped around the block! Thanks to Tiziana and Gina you’ll always be in for a surprise lineup to keep you on the edge of your seats! So get ready because these two ladies are about to take over a city near you!!!!!


For more information, please check out



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Fashion Frenzy Straight From the SOURCE

by Lisa Ajello on March 1, 2014




by Lisa Ajello on January 26, 2014



Saturday,February 8th from 7 to 10 pm, please join eye PR media,Clash by Dash,Barbie Beach of Patricia Fields, and Ryan Marisca for a nite of fashion,art, and shopping at Griffin NYC in New York’s meat packing!!!

Get ready for over the top runway shows,performances, and an art showing by the super talent,”Dee Colucci”!!!!

So step out and up and hit the Griffin for New York City’s fashion week presented by FASHION FRENZY PRODUCTIONS and eye PR media!!!!










The Ultra Exclusive VBH Luxury

by Lisa Ajello on January 25, 2014






The most exclusive bag and jewelry line in the world and at the top of every A listers agenda is the one and only VBH Luxury,owned and designed by Bruce Hoeksema. Bruce Hoeksema is one of the most talented designers around. In the 90’s Bruce worked as one of the top executives for Valentino,and worked as creative director for Asprey before starting his coveted couture accessory house,”VBH Luxury”.

The fabulous VBH product is made in Florence, their showroom is in Rome, they showcase the upcoming seasons most avant garde pieces during Paris fashion week, and their flagship is located at 940 Madison Ave,corner of 74th street across from the Whitney Museum.

They have been in existence for about 11 years and is housed in a 100 year old bank which Mr.Hoeksema and his  world renowned interior designers turned into one of New York City’s most luxurious spaces!!! Everyone and anyone that passes by feels compelled to walk in and see what the buzz is all about!!! From the Venetian plastered walls,to the gorgeous flooring and doorways,limestone staircases,and exquisite vaulted jewel area, not much can compare to the VBH flagship and its super luxurious products!!! The designer even has a section where his beautiful finds from all over the world are displayed such as vases,hurricane candles, interesting gordes,art work, and amazing photographs from Peter Lewis.

VBH makes a plethra of different bag styles and specializes in exotic skins: ie crocodile,0strich,python,snake, and the all time favorite amongst their clientele,ostrich leg! You can customize almost anything after viewing their huge selection of swatches and colors. Their signature day bag is the Brera which comes in 4 sizes and their signature clutch is their manilla stretch which is hands down one of the most well known clutches among the celebs and royalty.

The jewelry pieces are so exquisite that they are set in VBH’s vault and are all glass enclosed. They are all one of a kind pieces and all are real diamonds, colored diamonds,pearl’s and so on and so forth.There is something for everyone from his classic bracelets to his tribal art rings to his gigantic diamond butterfly broach that’s tentacles move as you move!!!

From Gwenyth Palthrow,Sara Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, to Olivia Palermo,Oprah Winfrey,and Michelle Obama are just a few high profile women that wear VBH Luxury! VBH hands down is the most beautiful couture house in the world!!!!






“Beauty and the Brains”, is what I like to call the BIG  APPLE and SOUTH BEACH MIAMI’S new,”IT GIRL”! The gorgeous Ryan Marisca, one of the stars of Big Ang’s show,”Miami Monkey”, has taken over the scene from her sought after appearances, celeb bartending gigs, and one of the most beautiful fresh faces around how could this new addition to the VH1 family not make it to the top!!! Anyone that has met her knows that her beauty from the outside comes from within! Ryan is a true testament of that and she is an avid yogi and is trying to stay true to herself, but ready to make it to the top!!!

Ryan Marisca is 26 years old, but has a pure face of a 21 year old! She is a woman of many layers! One thing which is top priority to Ms.Marisca is her family.She is a true family woman in which she is very proud of! She began her studies at the College of Staten Island where she majored in sociology. She began bartending as a way to assist in paying for college, at the same time realized she was very good at it, and made plenty of money to go along with it.From what I hear one of the BEST around! Bartending was just one of Ryan’s talents. She has worked in club design. decorating many venues throughout the N.Y.C, the Philadelphia area and good old Miami! She has a knack for design which is another natural forte of hers. Another passion through the years was fashion. She began doing work for a well known Italian tailor Vincent Sciortino, who working along side Vincent got the opportunity to dress many of his upscale clientele. This was all a very exciting time for this rising star!

As the Miami Monkey show progressed, and Ryan’s face started becoming somewhat of a household name, so did her hunger for making it to the top! Ryan is ready for her next move!!! Modeling and acting are next on her agenda! She is open and ready to hit one of the biggest acting schools in New York City if that’s what it’s going to take and is currently being casted for many New York fashion week events ready to walk the cat walk and show New York City what Ryan Marisca is really made of!!!

eye PR media has been fortunate enough to have spent time with Ryan at one of her latest photo shoots and truly can see why the world is so curious about her! Beautiful from the inside out and an absolute rising star!!! Special thanks to her amazing dream team avant garde sensational photographer Wai Ng at , shoot producer and celeb stylist Sheldon Grey AKA: Dash,couture hair stylist Wade Lee of, and make up extraordinaire Gabriel Cruz!!!

Keep an eye out for the wonderful world of Ryan Marisca as she evolves from one look to the next and to where this beautiful blonde bevy is about to go!!!

ry1ry6 ry4



Artist and Visionary: Dee Colucci

by Lisa Ajello on November 15, 2013


Dee Colucci is an artist who just came into my radar due to her undeniable artistic talent,and powerful free spirited ways! As I was collecting some swag for a Patricia Fields fashion week event for Pat’s assistant, one special piece in the VIP bag caught the eye of the one and only Pat Fields!

Pat is a visionary designer and stylist, the epitomy of NEW YORK CITY and a N.Y.C fashion guru!

She saw Dee Colucci’s art work of a Marilyn Monroe painting! She loved it so much that it’s about to hit the Pat Fields boutique as a highlighted design on her tee’s! This is a major compliment coming from one of the BEST,eclectic designers around!!!

Dee is a mother to a 7 and 9 year old, she is a daughter,a friend, a writer and positive force in her community and in the art world!She has painted most of her life,went to school for it and taught it as well! She has quoted that,”ART IS NOT JUST WHAT I DO, IT’S WHO I AM”!!!!! She is very dedicated to what she loves to do and has created over 100 pieces of work which she is sooo extremely proud of!!!! Her style is POP ART,ABSTRACT and EXPRESSIONISM!!!

Her most recent series is acrylic and the style marries fluid edging with pointillism to create what she calls,”STATIC”!!! She feels that art is healing for the soul, a way to express oneself and connect with the world! She speaks of society becoming so disconnected that attending art galleries,plays,concerts bring us closer together! Static  to Dee is white noise that we have put between each other and the world that we can no longer see clearly.Static is her creation of seeing beauty in the world through the noise.To bring us out of the fog!!!!

Another great love of Danielle Colucci’s is using her art toward philanthropy! She wants art to represent positive change in the community and would  love to raise funds for non profits!

She is also a strong believer of  painting all colors,shapes and sizes! She wants the world to see the beautiful features of all ethnicities, all people, all walks of life!!!!

Her children inspire her,drive her, inspire her and encourage! The beautiful lil beings they are and have become  mean the world to this mom of two!!!!

Danielle Colucci feels that you should not t be a fine artist that just creates, you should be an artist that changes the world! She wants you all that  have this gift to use it wisely and above all graciously!!!

Family means everything and Danielle has been quite lucky to have her parents Donna Carroll and Nicky Colucci by her side and creative like herself,her aunt and uncle Lori and Al Messina, her grandmother Jean Messina who had a huge influence on her creative mind and soul and the strong network of friends!

Dee wants you all to encourage the artists in your life because she says what a dull world we’d be living with out their beautiful input!!!!

This artist is a ball of light and a true inspiration to so many!!!

And, lastly I want to thank the fabulous Walter Simmons to introduce Dee to my world!

Sooo excited to see what she brings to life next!!!!!!

Check out:



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