Savior El Mundo is a New York City  artist to the core! It seems that his Latin Indian heritage, his love for his city,the arts, and music have brought him much of his successes in conjunction with his spirituality!!! Many of his works of art are intense spiritual pieces,centering upon the intensity of  deep,bold splattered lines,pervasive color and gloss bringing out his self confidence.While other pieces represent his deep Harlem roots showcasing amazing tributes to the Almighty hip hop artists,performers, and legends of our time!

The canvas’s he touches upon are sooooo vibrant and full of  distinct texture that they layer up to 10 compositions on one canvas! Each piece he touches  brings you closer to his culture,and his entire being!!!

Savior has been working the scene and the artistic powers that be with his weekly collage events and paintings! Every Tuesday evening him and his magical entourage bless the lower east side bringing people of all cultures,walks of life, and worlds together to the world of Savior El Mundo!!!!

Come join him at Ludlow 95 on the corner of Delancey Street and Ludlow! Network,Love and enjoy the beats of  his favorite dj’s!!!

I am looking so forward to being a part of this celebration and in the presence of this artist that is blowing up the scenes!

It takes a real creative New Yorker to know one!

This is what the NYC is all about!





Sharon Shenkman: A Rare Beauty and Treasure

by Lisa Ajello on April 22, 2014

imageRest in peace my beautiful friend! May God bless you and your family and may your legacy live on!Looking forward to watching your Manzanilla playground be built in your honor in Costa Rica!

You are a true treasure and angel !!!!

Sharon’s vision and dream was to have the children of her village have a playground of their own, to make her dream come true and to give the children a beautiful place to play, live, and laugh!


Please donate at and search Sharon Shenkmam!!!

I am soo blessed to have gotten the opportunity to get to know you and to have been in your presence! You were an amazing woman, mother, leader, daughter, sister, and friend to soooo many!!!

Thank You and God Bless!





Petite Parade: NYC’s Most Fabulous Kiddie Catwalk

by Lisa Ajello on March 23, 2014



Nobody does designer kids fashion shows like the one and only,”Petite Parade”! Show producers and fashion extraordinaires,” Tiziana Indelicato and Gina Rizzo”, take kids fashion to another level!

They began these amazing set of shows a few years ago showcasing the best of the best in the industry as far as fashion, models, and childrens products go! This year these shows have made it to legendary status! Celeb kids are walking, watching and sponsoring these sought after events. Some examples are PDiddy’s children, CC Sabathia’s wife as lead designer in the shows this year,the adorable twin brother’s mc’ing the event and the shows dessert of choice was the super delish,”Baked by Melissa”! Some of my favorite lines which headlined this year were Bonnie Young,Pale Cloud, Imoga, and Mischka Aoki.All to absolutely die for!

Vogue Bambini is always seated center and front and are a huge part of these shows as sponsors, writers, audience, and so much more! A show isn’t a show without Vogue being part of its celebratory events!Another amazing force in the children and mommy world is Danielle Libretti Fornes, of, “MOM WHO KNOWS”!!! A truly talented writer and blogger, super savvy mama who is always the first to know the new hottest products in the children’s market, and who even most recently graced the pages of Vogue Bambini with her take on American designers and European. Look out for her latest article and follow this super chic mom at

Year after year, these shows get bigger and bigger, and the lines are wrapped around the block! Thanks to Tiziana and Gina you’ll always be in for a surprise lineup to keep you on the edge of your seats! So get ready because these two ladies are about to take over a city near you!!!!!


For more information, please check out



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Fashion Frenzy Straight From the SOURCE

by Lisa Ajello on March 1, 2014




by Lisa Ajello on January 26, 2014



Saturday,February 8th from 7 to 10 pm, please join eye PR media,Clash by Dash,Barbie Beach of Patricia Fields, and Ryan Marisca for a nite of fashion,art, and shopping at Griffin NYC in New York’s meat packing!!!

Get ready for over the top runway shows,performances, and an art showing by the super talent,”Dee Colucci”!!!!

So step out and up and hit the Griffin for New York City’s fashion week presented by FASHION FRENZY PRODUCTIONS and eye PR media!!!!










The Ultra Exclusive VBH Luxury

by Lisa Ajello on January 25, 2014






The most exclusive bag and jewelry line in the world and at the top of every A listers agenda is the one and only VBH Luxury,owned and designed by Bruce Hoeksema. Bruce Hoeksema is one of the most talented designers around. In the 90’s Bruce worked as one of the top executives for Valentino,and worked as creative director for Asprey before starting his coveted couture accessory house,”VBH Luxury”.

The fabulous VBH product is made in Florence, their showroom is in Rome, they showcase the upcoming seasons most avant garde pieces during Paris fashion week, and their flagship is located at 940 Madison Ave,corner of 74th street across from the Whitney Museum.

They have been in existence for about 11 years and is housed in a 100 year old bank which Mr.Hoeksema and his  world renowned interior designers turned into one of New York City’s most luxurious spaces!!! Everyone and anyone that passes by feels compelled to walk in and see what the buzz is all about!!! From the Venetian plastered walls,to the gorgeous flooring and doorways,limestone staircases,and exquisite vaulted jewel area, not much can compare to the VBH flagship and its super luxurious products!!! The designer even has a section where his beautiful finds from all over the world are displayed such as vases,hurricane candles, interesting gordes,art work, and amazing photographs from Peter Lewis.

VBH makes a plethra of different bag styles and specializes in exotic skins: ie crocodile,0strich,python,snake, and the all time favorite amongst their clientele,ostrich leg! You can customize almost anything after viewing their huge selection of swatches and colors. Their signature day bag is the Brera which comes in 4 sizes and their signature clutch is their manilla stretch which is hands down one of the most well known clutches among the celebs and royalty.

The jewelry pieces are so exquisite that they are set in VBH’s vault and are all glass enclosed. They are all one of a kind pieces and all are real diamonds, colored diamonds,pearl’s and so on and so forth.There is something for everyone from his classic bracelets to his tribal art rings to his gigantic diamond butterfly broach that’s tentacles move as you move!!!

From Gwenyth Palthrow,Sara Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, to Olivia Palermo,Oprah Winfrey,and Michelle Obama are just a few high profile women that wear VBH Luxury! VBH hands down is the most beautiful couture house in the world!!!!






“Beauty and the Brains”, is what I like to call the BIG  APPLE and SOUTH BEACH MIAMI’S new,”IT GIRL”! The gorgeous Ryan Marisca, one of the stars of Big Ang’s show,”Miami Monkey”, has taken over the scene from her sought after appearances, celeb bartending gigs, and one of the most beautiful fresh faces around how could this new addition to the VH1 family not make it to the top!!! Anyone that has met her knows that her beauty from the outside comes from within! Ryan is a true testament of that and she is an avid yogi and is trying to stay true to herself, but ready to make it to the top!!!

Ryan Marisca is 26 years old, but has a pure face of a 21 year old! She is a woman of many layers! One thing which is top priority to Ms.Marisca is her family.She is a true family woman in which she is very proud of! She began her studies at the College of Staten Island where she majored in sociology. She began bartending as a way to assist in paying for college, at the same time realized she was very good at it, and made plenty of money to go along with it.From what I hear one of the BEST around! Bartending was just one of Ryan’s talents. She has worked in club design. decorating many venues throughout the N.Y.C, the Philadelphia area and good old Miami! She has a knack for design which is another natural forte of hers. Another passion through the years was fashion. She began doing work for a well known Italian tailor Vincent Sciortino, who working along side Vincent got the opportunity to dress many of his upscale clientele. This was all a very exciting time for this rising star!

As the Miami Monkey show progressed, and Ryan’s face started becoming somewhat of a household name, so did her hunger for making it to the top! Ryan is ready for her next move!!! Modeling and acting are next on her agenda! She is open and ready to hit one of the biggest acting schools in New York City if that’s what it’s going to take and is currently being casted for many New York fashion week events ready to walk the cat walk and show New York City what Ryan Marisca is really made of!!!

eye PR media has been fortunate enough to have spent time with Ryan at one of her latest photo shoots and truly can see why the world is so curious about her! Beautiful from the inside out and an absolute rising star!!! Special thanks to her amazing dream team avant garde sensational photographer Wai Ng at , shoot producer and celeb stylist Sheldon Grey AKA: Dash,couture hair stylist Wade Lee of, and make up extraordinaire Gabriel Cruz!!!

Keep an eye out for the wonderful world of Ryan Marisca as she evolves from one look to the next and to where this beautiful blonde bevy is about to go!!!

ry1ry6 ry4



Artist and Visionary: Dee Colucci

by Lisa Ajello on November 15, 2013


Dee Colucci is an artist who just came into my radar due to her undeniable artistic talent,and powerful free spirited ways! As I was collecting some swag for a Patricia Fields fashion week event for Pat’s assistant, one special piece in the VIP bag caught the eye of the one and only Pat Fields!

Pat is a visionary designer and stylist, the epitomy of NEW YORK CITY and a N.Y.C fashion guru!

She saw Dee Colucci’s art work of a Marilyn Monroe painting! She loved it so much that it’s about to hit the Pat Fields boutique as a highlighted design on her tee’s! This is a major compliment coming from one of the BEST,eclectic designers around!!!

Dee is a mother to a 7 and 9 year old, she is a daughter,a friend, a writer and positive force in her community and in the art world!She has painted most of her life,went to school for it and taught it as well! She has quoted that,”ART IS NOT JUST WHAT I DO, IT’S WHO I AM”!!!!! She is very dedicated to what she loves to do and has created over 100 pieces of work which she is sooo extremely proud of!!!! Her style is POP ART,ABSTRACT and EXPRESSIONISM!!!

Her most recent series is acrylic and the style marries fluid edging with pointillism to create what she calls,”STATIC”!!! She feels that art is healing for the soul, a way to express oneself and connect with the world! She speaks of society becoming so disconnected that attending art galleries,plays,concerts bring us closer together! Static  to Dee is white noise that we have put between each other and the world that we can no longer see clearly.Static is her creation of seeing beauty in the world through the noise.To bring us out of the fog!!!!

Another great love of Danielle Colucci’s is using her art toward philanthropy! She wants art to represent positive change in the community and would  love to raise funds for non profits!

She is also a strong believer of  painting all colors,shapes and sizes! She wants the world to see the beautiful features of all ethnicities, all people, all walks of life!!!!

Her children inspire her,drive her, inspire her and encourage! The beautiful lil beings they are and have become  mean the world to this mom of two!!!!

Danielle Colucci feels that you should not t be a fine artist that just creates, you should be an artist that changes the world! She wants you all that  have this gift to use it wisely and above all graciously!!!

Family means everything and Danielle has been quite lucky to have her parents Donna Carroll and Nicky Colucci by her side and creative like herself,her aunt and uncle Lori and Al Messina, her grandmother Jean Messina who had a huge influence on her creative mind and soul and the strong network of friends!

Dee wants you all to encourage the artists in your life because she says what a dull world we’d be living with out their beautiful input!!!!

This artist is a ball of light and a true inspiration to so many!!!

And, lastly I want to thank the fabulous Walter Simmons to introduce Dee to my world!

Sooo excited to see what she brings to life next!!!!!!

Check out:



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ESNAVI LIVE: Gorgeous Songstress

by Lisa Ajello on November 15, 2013

LOVING the meaning behind this super talented beauty!


She is an amazing artist who lights up the stage the second she walks on with her soulful extraordinary performances! Full of life, love, and has become a  major influential brand in itself! Esnavi came from Milwaukee but has become a fixture in the N.Y.C and its music scene!

The release of her debut album,”Exit E”, is a journey of  real life,society, and one of love! Her hit,”Unexpected Love”, hit the top 40 on the Urban adult contemporary charts remaining there for over 10 weeks.And her video for this hot joint has been on VH1 Soul from the start. Everyone has been talking about her hottest piece,”What You Need’, especially after it was featured on Love and Hip Hop season 4!She has performed in all of the NYC’s biggest venues from Madison Square Garden, the Apollo Theatre, and on countless shows such as Bridezillas,Mob Wives,Good Day New York,the list goes on!!!!

She has music licensing agreements with a plethra of companies from H and M,Abercrombie,Old Navy,Nine West,and Arden B!Not to mention her beauty campagins with Alson Raffaele and Dazzle Dry, and has even put out her own nail line called,”Esnavi Live’!

Her next performance will be at the Bitter End on Bleecker St in New York City where she will be showcasing her firey powerhouse vocals, with her mesmerizing 3 piece acoustic band!

So come see this captivating group Tueday, November 19th at 9pm when they take your body,soul, and mind to places you’ve never gone to before!!!!!

Please visit to see more of what this undeniable talent is up to!!!


Real Estate Entrepreneur Anthony Lolli

by Lisa Ajello on November 13, 2013


image36 year old real estate investor and developer, Anthony Lolli of Rapid Reality owns the largest apartment rental brokerage business out there these days! In 2009, this mogul opened up the nations first rental based real estate franchise! Many say his beginnings were quite humble,but its his actions and drive that brought him to where he is today! his hard work, dedication ,and amazing team have been the foundation of it all!

Rapid Reality grew from one location to over 60 in a 3 year span! That’s what I call,”MONUMENTAL”! Mr. Lolli has been awarded the, “Franchise Satisfaction Award”,by Franchise Business Review and has since then expanding to cities around the nation! He is a pillar in his community and a known teacher,mentor, and leader to soo many!

Anthony founded,”Express Real Estate School”, helping over 40,000 people make their dreams of a career in real estate come true!

His employees are beyond loyal to him, his brand, and truly stand behind what they do that 50 of them got the companies logo tattooed on them! Now that’s something to write home about!  This phenomina caught the eye of news casters around the globe! CBS reported it, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal,etc,etc! The list goes on!

He was named,”The Ultimate Entrepreneur and Poster Child for Franchising”, by The Real Deal! He speaks at countless colleges, high schools, and business forums spitting his knowledge to the masses!

And without saying he is very active in many charitable organizations such as,”The American Cancer Society,” Habitate f0r Humanity”, and many more!

Anthony Lolli is being touted for creating business opportunities within women and minorities! This accomplishment is one of many that makes him stand out amongst his competition.It seems to me there is no competition when looking at all he has done and is about to do!

I’d stay this humble Brooklyn boss has come a long way and is proud to see the mark he is making within his community, and around the nation!

For more information on Mr. Lolli check out or



New Moon Maternity Making Its Mark

by Lisa Ajello on November 4, 2013

imageSooooo excited to hear about the fabulous,”New Moon Maternity”! One of the fiercest maternity sites showcasing some of the most cutting edge looks in the industry. New Moon’s founder, the beautiful and talented,”Jennifer St. John”, is the mastermind behind this coveted site! A fixture in the fashion industry with over 15 years experience, Jennifer has chosen style, class, and comfort with super exclusive price points which makes New Moon a WIN WIN!!!

Jennifer St. John makes sure her clients do not sacrifice style and taste while they’re expecting! With an impeccable eye for fashion, Jennifer was born to style!This collection of maternity she has chosen for you dares you to be yourself before, during, and after pregnancy!

Some of her favorite pieces from her launch are the DL 1961 denim line, which is a high fashion denim house which she pairs up with some of her very own,”Rock Me Mama”, pieces! Another favorite given to go with those perfect fitting bad boys is the black motor cross jacket! “Just Gorgeous”, she touted! As for her dresses I don’t think anything can compare to her floor length Mika Maxi and her printed Stella! Two amazing looks!!! As for her accessory number ones, the gold skull bangles, and chain gang necklace are some over the top must haves we all need paired up with our wardrobe this season!!!

If you’re ready to shop or have a gift to buy that expecting mother to be look no further,”New Moon”,is at your service!

Free  shipping is extended to every shopper for a limited time and you may use the below coupon discount to redeem your discount:

eyePRten for 10 percent off and eyePR20 if you spend $400 or more to receive 20 percent off!!!

To place an order you may visit and call 1.888.530.2229.

New Moon

PO Box 67

Westwood,New Jersey 07675

Press Inquiries 201.533.3372




Ma Barker: Entrepreneural LADY BOSS

by Lisa Ajello on October 26, 2013


Ma Barker, formerly known as Shaqueen, former wife of hip hop legend Kool G Rap is back on the scene and about to take over! This Lady Boss began her career back in the day battling some of the roughest emcees around, and almost immediately began writing her own songs which she is known for her fierce lyrics and rhymes!

She is hands down one of the best rappers, tightest song writers, super fab business women with Gwop Girls and many other entities under her belt, not to mention superstar mamas and wives around! A true BOSS!!!  Her record, “Just Because” hit the charts at number 15 and stayed there for over 20 weeks! Ma Barker!s album,”Mark of The Bark”‘, featured 50 cent,Uncle Murda,40 Illuminati,Bun B, Bleu Davinci, and 2 Chainz!

If anyone would like to compare her to another, most would say she is no doubt a female Jay-Z!!!! Besides her life in the music business, she is rocking out these days as one of the most ambitious and driven  Lady Bosses spearheading a plethra of businesses at this very moment! Don’t want to give too many of her secrets away but don’t be surprised if you see Ma Barker grace the silver screens any time soon!!!

Anyone that knows  this powerhouse knows that no one is more loyal and hard core as this reigning queen, ” Ma Barker”!!!

Look out for what this mogul has on the rise next!!!!!





Emerging Hip Hop Talent: DON SLAY

by Lisa Ajello on October 20, 2013


Another talent from hip hop is Brooklyn’s own,”Don Slay”!!! Brought to my attention,from the fabulous Mario Lopez, recent graduate of Columbia University and previous writer for Uptown magazine!!!

As a young MC from childhood music has been Don Slay’s world. I’ve been told he use to write and recite verses from rapper AZ and not long after the verses he wrote become his very own!As a senior at Morgan Stae University, this young rapper seems to be making his mark on the community drawing inspiration and influence from numerous rhyme veterans. His flow and style embrace the art of story telling, which in essense have brought many super star rap legends to where they are today! Due to his fierce new school flair I’m sure he won’t be very far behind!!!!

His debut of his mixed tape,”BIG CROWD SMALL CIRCLE”,just recently dropped and have been getting over the TOP reviews from his huge fan base and followers! To give you a sneak peak on what his second track is,”DREAMS TO LIFE”,Don Slay’s story goes a lil something like this:”I’m telling you my life you all say I’m rapping, if so then where’s the applause you people should be clapping!” He delves deep into his experiences of his youth in Crown Heights and little by little paints a motion picture of his forward progression through manhood!

So for all you hip hop fans out there, be on the look for the infamous,”DON SLAY”! It’s about to go down BROOKLYN!!!









One of the hottest new hip hop artists that I personally got the honor of spending some time with is the ever so present, and above all on the cusp of GREATNESS:  L.I.V.E Wire. His latest album Label No 2 just dropped and it’s off the charts! He keeps going and going until he feels he’s at the top of his game. He’s like a machine. As the songs keep coming, his talent and popularity are soaring! Living inspiration Via Entertainment, AKA: L.I.V.E Wire features: Jim Jones, Joe Budden, Fred the Godson, Cocoa Sarai, Nathaniel, and the list goes on! Label No 2 is available now on I-Tunes, Spotify,Amazon,Google Play,etc,etc!

“The Formula”, is his fast growing record label and “Out of Style”, seems to be the fan FAV song  he did with  Jim Jones and Fred the Godson! His presence and music have been known at 105.1, 97.1, and he’s also very big in the indie community. His hard to miss lyrics seem to be substansive in matter as he would say, and most recognize him for his fierce ability to weave in and out of tracks! As L.I.V.E Wire grows as an individual so does his music, showcasing bits of his everyday life!

He was an opening act for the,” Spring Invasion” ,for Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, French Montana, and Mavoda!L.I.V.E Wire hits the hottest red carpet events, A- list parties and events and is all over the hip hop websites, and interviews. He has produced many Brooklyn concerts and shows showcasing Ron Browz, Cocoa Sarai, Hollywood PlayWink Loc, and the list goes on. L.I.V.E  Wire has also attended charity events for  DJ Snatch and actor Ryan Gentles (Tyler Perry) to name a few.

Everyone needs to get to know this artist, buy his music, and look out for the BIG things which are about to go down!

He is a superstar, a hip-hop artist and a perfect gentleman!!!

Label No 2: Get it while it’s HOT!!













Madison Square Eats Meets Slide NYC

by Lisa Ajello on October 11, 2013



The amazing Madison Square Eats outdoor pop up food market located on 25th street and 5th avenue this year is featuring the delicious,”SLIDE” restaurant!!!! This festival runs from September 27th through October 25th, and opened from 11- 9pm.  Due to its popular demand,”Urban Space” , the genius’s behind this event are doing another directly after in Herald Square throughout the month of November! What a fabulous way to bring the best of the best restaurants and chef’s together at one time!

There are about 30 scrumptious vendors, but Slide is definitely my favorite!  Slide NYC is located on 174 Bleecker Street off Sullivan Street and specializes in comfort foods, ie: chicken waffles with bourbon pear butter, crab cake sliders, and even vegetarian falafel sliders! You won’t be able to miss their graffiti clad booth with Anthony Fontana,Nick Mesce both co-owners and their right hand man Joey Armellino working it, it’s sure to be a huge success, not to mention the rest of the Slide clan! They have been cranking out mouth watering bites from the second they hit the market till closing, having to restock product all day every day due to their high demand!

A few other fab vendors are: Red Hook Pound Lobster, Doughnuttery, Roberta’s, Arancini Brothers, Seoul Lee Korean BBQ, and Taco Town, not to mention Stuffed Artisan Cannoli that Mr. Fontana is also involved in making a plethra of yummy to die for flavors!!!

Once you hit this super hip market, you’ll most likely be back year after year, becoming a longtime client, and friend, so kick back grab a drink and get ready to chow down to one of the BEST markets this city has to offer!!!!

Check out for more info on these markets and on SLIDE NYC!!!!









New to this unique field, but far from an amateur, Tamara Cosentino is one intuitive lady mastering the art of being able to see aura and energy emitted from a person due to the help of her mentor, psychic medium, Christopher George! She explained that energy produces a color and each color has different meaning. Tamara has been feverishly focusing on the study of energy and BEYOND!!!

Tamara has always felt that she had a gift but with time and patience she put those gifts to work and have recently taken them to the next level!!! Christopher George recently asked Mrs. Cosentino to assist him on a high level spirit removal job in a nearby home where she became adept to space clearing, From that point on she was on a roll and was ready to take on removing any negative energy she had sensed in a home or business. She brings positive energy and spirit into the space giving tranquility and peace a second chance!!!!

If a home was thrust into chaos and turmoil even after your day has gone great, possibly an argument with your spouse or loved ones, and things always seem perfect outside the home but the second you walk in it turns into a circus,or if you just flat out feel stagnant or uncomfortable where outside your fine, space clearing is just what the doctor ordered!

eye PR media is a huge fan of Tamara Cosentino and we wish her much success and want to thank her for all she has taught us!!!

Looking forward to what she’ll be

For more information, please email:





KIDS the Frog:Crafted with LOVE…….

by Lisa Ajello on September 17, 2013

1095118_203572019809490_1773798240_n“KIDS the Frog”, is an amazing tailored children’s clothing line that is crafted with MUCHO LOVE between Italy and  Hong Kong and nutured in New York.It’s  made extra special for urban children with parents that love and appreciate the LUXE market,sophisticated pieces, yet with a twist of practicality of daily life using plush fabrics and yarns, while still being machine washable!


“KIDS the Frog”, was created for the quintessential elegant,cool,active, and yet whimsical kid!

And with the fabulous, super artistic,and creative photgrapher and partner,” Wai Ng”, involved this company is a sure fire WINNER!!!!!!

Anything Mr.Ng touches turns to GOLD!







Benefit Cosmetic Vending Machines Making Their Mark!!!

by Lisa Ajello on September 2, 2013



Image Consulting on the Rise!!!!

by Lisa Ajello on September 2, 2013





The Legendary,”Patricia Fields”,  and her House of Field turned it out once again with her VIP shopping event celebrating her super FAB over the top California designers during New York City’s iconic,” FASHION WEEK”, on Sept 12th, 2013!!!! Ms.Fields celebrated her independent designers ie: DimePiece, Rik Villa,Hologram City,Jonathon Burdine, Joe Anthony salas,Richard Hallmarq,and Adeen, are just to name a few!

This fashion bash was held at her new flagship boutique located at 306 Bowery, and was beyond packed with Pat fans, HOT entertainers and performances!!! And last but not least, a Pat Fields party isn’t a party  without her GORGEOUS queens taking over the scene!!!!


Special thanks to Alacran tequila,HARD enhanced mixers,Garren Salon,Suzanne Tucci Deluca,Roxanne Rizzo,Robinhood,Walter Simmons, and hands down one of the biggest contributors of the evening,”Bella Magazine”!!!!

Let’s not forget the fierce after party  Pat threw at DL lounge on Delancy! The set of fashion shows were BEYOND!!!! My all time favorite pieces came from, “DRAMATIK FANATIC”!!! He turned it out!!!!!




A day in the Mix of eye PR Media

by Lisa Ajello on July 28, 2013





Chit chatting with celeb stylist,” Cynthia Wheat”, and getting down to biz at the James Hotel.Meeting up with Go Healthy Team Bronx winner,”Walter Simmons”,wondering what Ramona Rizzo’s big ideas are, and hearing old school hip hop legend,’Ma Barker”, freestyle at our table,all in one shot, not to mention rolling by Jay Z’s latest video shoot at the Cheslea art Galleries, all in one day!

Summer fun:NYC style!!!




Legendary Artist: Marcus Suarez

by Lisa Ajello on July 28, 2013


Just want to give a shout to a truly talented artist, friend, and free spirit. MARCUS SUAREZ! From all of his works of art and people this unbelievable soul has met and has worked with he has always stayed true to himself and his work. Sending him boat loads of love and light and letting him know even though things may seem difficult at this time due to some setbacks, the world is yours and ready for you to take it back!!!


Lisa Ajello of eye PR media and your lil girlfriend MS.Lila




Some of my Favorite Things::::::::::::

by Lisa Ajello on July 28, 2013



All summer long come party with the boyz of HARD enhanced mixers at the Gansevoort meat packing roof and pool party! From the BIG  APPLE, to the Montauk Beach House, Miami, and Vegas,  look out for what HARD has in store for you next!!! The most excitement, the best tasting mixers in CREATION!!!!


See you all there!!!!!!


Yes, eye PR media is definitely partial to the N.Y.C and downtown, but Slide restaurant is BEYOND!!!Located at 174 Bleecker Street, this place is the newest  HOTSPOT to hit Manhattan!!! Fab place to dine with the fam,as a couple or with the ladies!!!

 Celebrity chef, Madison Cowan, winner of ,”CHOPPED”,and champ of,”IRON CHEF“, is in the house! His mouth watering creations are completely out of this world………To start some of our favorites were the super delish tuscan kale caesar salad, creamy corn pudding,a SLIDE original buttermilk fried chicken and cheddar waffle with maple bourbon pear butter,crab cake bacon rocket and plum tomato with remoulade,parmesan french fries with garlic and herbs,insane spiked milkshakes filled with peanut butter and spices, and another favorite butter pecan icecream with a touch of  candied pecans,out of this world cocktails due to their mixology genius’s, and the best part, flavored cannolli’s made by the fabulous Anthony Fontana of ,”Stuffed Artisan Cannoli”!!!

Slide restaurant,loyal to their neighborhood, features local artwork by some of the most creative artists around the area!!!Lining up their beautiful brick walls and interiors designed by the ever so talented Nicole Gargulo, who has worked on many exciting projects and well know n restaurants throughout New York City and beyond.Can’t wait for the warm weather to hit to sit amongest their serene rock wall in their outside dining area!!!

For more information on my favorite new spot,please visit or call 212.777.9077……….



Petite Parade Kids Fashion Shows NYC

by Lisa Ajello on March 14, 2013


The Petite Parade fashion shows took off to an amazing start as usual due to the amazing team including Tiziana Indelicato,Gina Rizzo, and Natalija Stojanovic!!! This trio is one to be reckoned with!!!Show after show, one after another, they keep getting more and more FABULOUS!!!!

They showcase mini models during  fashion shows, products for kids, immersing the children in creative activities,and always know how to step it up a notch with their adorable celeb kid dj they had at center stage this season, the one and only,”Fulano”!!!

The Petite Parade is one of the only of its kind to hit the NYC! Wonder where these savvy ladies are going to take their show next????

For more information, check out

Some of their highlighted designers or lines were: Diesel, Bonnie Young,Pale Cloud,Simona Valentini, and iceberg to name a few…….The looks were to die for, and the models to adorable for words!!!



Mom Who Knows: Mommanista-Danielle Libretti Fornes

by Lisa Ajello on March 13, 2013


“Mom Who Knows”, is an understatement for this savvy,go getting mama!!! Danielle Libretti Fornes, creator of the innovative blog and event queen in the MOMMY industry,is always writing and creating  a buzz in the market………New exciting products are her forte which she strongly promotes, always in search of the next big thing to hit the kids industry,fashionista items for moms and always stays on top of what’s HOT!!! This mega mom gives out amazing tid bits of insight on new trending parenting tips,fab craft ideas,healthy recipes,places to go,the list is endless! Danielle is an absolute MOMMANISTA!!!!

She who is stay at home mom with a background in education and art history, not to mention her 10 of teaching has inspired her to come with her ever growing and ever so popular blog,”Mom Who Knows”! The ladies in the know or who want to be in the know have been flocking to her,”Mommies Night Out Events”.An excuse to get out??? Not at all Danielle had taught them so much about her likes and dislikes and what she views as great product, that she has really has made a name for herself!Her talents are so versatile that she even is a closet gourmet chef.This wonder woman does it all!

Danielle  believes that women need to EMPOWER one another and she absolutely gives credit to those she encounters!!!

We’re not going to give all of her secrets away just yet!!!

To learn more about,”Mom Who Knows”, and to hear more about her upcoming super exciting events and life, please go

These are one set of events and trendsetting ideas in the mini market you do not want to miss!!!


Pop Rock Sensation: Salena Dabbs!!!

by Lisa Ajello on January 22, 2013

Salena Dabbs: Singer,songwriter,producer,WARRIOR at HEART, as she’s referred to by so many!Salena’s music contains a modern twist to pop with a rock n roll edge.Some of her great inspirations have been Alanis,Lenny,Michael Jackson, and Gwen! Her music has been known to empower women from all walks of life! Her 1st single,”Heartache”,is real deal,”GIRL POWER”, music.Like Pink or Katy Perry she draws inspiration from her very own life!Salena collaborated this single with the amazing songwriter and producer,Dorian Grey,Merryl Jefferson,and Frank Losinne in which a flawless R & B,pop,indie rock blend was thus created!!!! Besides the obvious,Nick Slay has been a big part of Salena’s team, as a consultant and creator.At this stage of the game,talent and loyalty say it all!!!

As an alpha female, Salena is known for her apocalpto fashion sense! Strong, yet a femme fatale at heart always blowing the minds of all that look her way! Salena was an east coast navy brat talent who has always had a passion for music ever since she can remember.Her family has always been one that was musically inclined,especially her grandmother who brought so much to the table, even winning amateur nite at the Apollo!!! Salena has synesthesia,which is a neorological quirk, which she has no problem with since it triggers colors,which in her eyes brings her great joy every time she looks at a musical note, and its as colorful as can be!

Some other accolades of Ms. Dabbs is when she proudly recorded,”If You Believe”, for a lifetime tv show,”Against all Odds”! She also recoreded and wrote the Alize beverage theme song.Right now she is gearing up for the summer release of  her album,”Salvaged Doll”,who she co-produced with Dorian Grey.

Ms.Dabbs is on her way to the top and there is no one that can or will stop this musical warrior!!! We are so excited to see all she’s about to accomplish! So get ready world, and look out for the next big thing,”SALENA DABBS”!!!!!




Lissa Ana Marie Tanksley:For America’s Top Model

by Lisa Ajello on December 11, 2012

Lissa Ana Marie Tanksley is about to take the modeling industry and the heads of America’s Top Model to their knees!!!This 22 yearold Chicago born beauty,currently of Rochester New York.She did not always have it easy.As a child Lissa,endured 21 surgeries related to her lip since she was born with a cleft lip and palet.Her peers did not make it easy on her by any means, bringing her self esteem to an all time low.She had to learn how to chew again, and had years of speech therapy to bring her where she needed to be!

When she was one, her mom put her in a beauty pageant, where she won first place in,”Chicago’s Little Beauty Pageant”.As the years went on she won various first prize trophies  for acting, and talent shows for singing.Years later Ms. Tanksley entered into a counseling group which helped her tremendously.It taught her to love her self or noone would do it for her!

She ultimately became confident and became proud of her face as a natural beauty.Lissa was lucky enough to work with the likes of:Roger Glacier,Gregg Horst,Raul Siro Ferreira,Asif Ali,.Dawud Gastone,and many more.Shes worked with countless photographers and even worked as a creative makeup artist for many fashion shows!!!

 Today,the beautiful Lissa Ana Marie Tanksley is taking her talents, confidence and looks to the top as she tries out for the coveted,”America’s Top Model”!!!!

 She is about to show the world who she is and how it’s done!Everyone is routing for this amazing talent, especially her eye PR media family in New York City…..Wishing you much LOVE and SUCCESS ALWAYS…..

 For more information,please Tanksley


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Hurricane Sandy’s Staten Island RecoveryEfforts.

by Lisa Ajello on November 2, 2012

Help information for Staten Island recovery effort

Locations for:

Food,ice,tech,donations,pets,shelter,health,financial trusted reports

Some dropoff donation points:

Sanctuary Boutique-Richmond Rd-Tues

Koolest Kids Shoes-Richmond Ave

Farrell HS

St Joseph by the Sea

Rabs Bowling Alley

Major cleanups tomorrow for volunteers at Cedar Grove and New Dorp Beach

Shelter at Wagner High School

Major Fundraising efforts in the works!!!!


For the first time ever such a brand of  premium organic vodka has been awarded this prestigious award by the AMERICAN ACADEMY of  HOSPITALITY in New York City!

What’s even more exciting is that FIVE STAR DIAMOND AWARD will be presented to owner Frankie Guerrera, but this time in Cannes, France attracting hundreds of world class brands and star chefs all due to it’s smooth flavor and exceptional quality! This is ONLY given to the worlds finest LUXURY brands in the industry in the BEST in SPIRITS category!!! Mr. Guerrera knows it’s a testament to his passion and hard work he has put into formulating such a brand. He has worked so extremely hard to make this brand come to be what it is today and deserves every accolade and more that he is receiving!!!

Over the years, Frankie has hosted countless dinner parties with family and friends always making his sacred punch, he then took it to the next level and then some and created,” Punzone”, which ironically means punch in Italian.

Punzone just came out in July of 2012 and has already been taking over the shelves and restaurants in every place you can imagine, especially since it’s USDA organic and EU organic certified!

His flavors include: Punzone Vodka, Punzone Originale,and Punzone Lemocino and I’m sure the list will double in time.It’s produced by a renowned family run winery,”Cantine Sgarzi”,who are one of the worlds leading wine specialists for decades!!!It is actually the 1st line of spirits to be formulated at this winery, and is based in New York City.

For more information on this luxury brand, and on all of their up to date happenings, visit, @punzone on twitter,and






Staten Islands newest addition to the party circuit: THE GALLERY Banquet Hall, located at 293 Van Duzer Street.One of the hippest new areas to hang out, with its victorian homes, and soon to be home of the largest ferris wheel in the world!!! If you would like to book your next event,party,or fundraiser, The Gallery is a must! This hall says it all with it’s Tuscan style decor and lavish surroundings.The building was orginally built in 1921 and was just revamped in 2012 bringing a little flavor and excitement back to Van Duzer street.

The Gallery holds up to a 125 guests,and has a reputation that is second to none with it’s over the top service and professional staff, personal party planners,and so much more!!! Whether it’s a luncheon,shower,fundraiser,charity event,or anything your heart desires, ie: Sunday Football with the boys, a holiday party, or even a singles mixer, the Gallery and it’s owners Anthony Gugliari and James Warner are at your service and ready to meet all of your needs.

Look out for some exciting news and happening events that are ready to roll out momentarily!!!You can ask the MOBWIVES themselves as they just rocked the roof at the Gallery this past weekend!

Please follow the Gallery on FB at Gallery Banquet Hall,on twitter at Galleryman1, or visit


They may be reached at 718.273.2200 to book your next suare!




by Lisa Ajello on October 7, 2012


Sal Vasquez’s Latest Mission as Life Coach and Beyond!!!

by Lisa Ajello on September 25, 2012

Soooo excited to announce that one of the BEST Life coach’s around,”SAL VASQUEZ”, is about to launch his latest virtual site to teach you all what he has conceptualized!!! The launch will take place on October 1st at 8pm.To be a part of this, please visit on that day!!!

SAL wants to show the world how easy it is to CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE! He wants everyone to start recognizing their potential and wants to make a meaningful difference in this world by doing  just that.He wants to give everyone the chance to be inspired , to be able to live the extraordinary life they’ve always dreamed of by connecting to their passion and purpose in life!!!

He feels that if you connect deep enough, you can live that life right now! It’s never too late.The time is definitely now! Sal feels it is a movement.If so many work together to find their true life purpose, the world would be a much better place to live!!!

Sal wants you to understand that he does know what it’s like to be stuck.He’s been there just like many of you,but the only way to get out of that rut is to move forward and seuize what you have been longing for! He is on a mission to start a revolution where people are being awakened to dicover their purposeful path.sal way take you from the old you to the AUTHENTIC and new REAL YOU!!!

He knows it can be a bararic journey filled with risk and adventure,but if you dont do it you will never know.Are you ready to start creating your future, the future your soul has been desperately waiting for? Sal focus’s on the art of LIFE DESIGN!!!It is where you beginh to live out your divine calling and become your true self, no matter what the risk!You must unleash your dreams.Sal has been created to help you do that.He is an activator.He wants to see your passions come to fruition and with him you will do that.He wants you to stop exisiting and start the journey of living the life of your dreams!!!Anyone that is living an ordinary life,not satisfied with status quo,etc,etc this is for you! Thos ethat want to pursue their passion while making a living doing it,expolreres,entrepreneurs,adventures,that want to take their life and business to the next level absolutely need this! You want to shift from having potential to being potent

Sal’s story is one of drugs,guns,fate,hopelessness and enlightenment, as a former New York street kid.He managed to emerge and find a profound purpose in life.He was led down a glorious road with meaning.he still grows and transforms with each passing day.The 3 specific things that changed his life forever were: LOve,Purpose,and Meaning!!! Sal would love you to stay connect so he can share his message and mission with you.

He wants you to ask yourself,”What makes you come alive and then go and do it”!!!He wants you to know that the world needs  people who have come alive”!!! Quoted from Howard Thurman

I have the honor of knowing Sal Vasquez and I can truly saying he is one of the most AMAZING human beings I know, along with his beautiful wife Alyssa and the entire Vasquez family!!!

I know his mission will be complete with the help of all of you!!!

We know he will succeed in anything he touches!!!


The After Life with Spiritual Master Blanca Beyar!!!

by Lisa Ajello on September 19, 2012

When Blanca Beyar gets a feeling, 9 times out of 10 the world should know about it immediately.Her hunches and feelings are on point and lead you to places your may have not gone before!Mrs. Beyar was focusing on past lives and sharing on them for a very long time and in her most recent great works, her work of art is about to come to fruition in the form of the,”AFTERLIFE”!!!

Blanca has witnessed so many messages over the years and amazing validations of the AFTERLIFE, but now feels this is the time to share those messages with the world!!!

Please join,”BLANCA BEYAR”,on October 12th at 7pm in NYC as she discusses all of this and more! Please visit

This is one seminar you will not want to miss! 

Everything she touches turns into your golden reality!




Get ready for a night of excitement when FoxxCode Magazine takes you on a trip through some of the biggest waves and surf you can imagine with the release of  one of the HOTTEST SURF films yet!!!

HOTEL CHANTELLE on Ludlow Street: Thursday Septemeber 20th:

Festivities begin at 10pm!!!


Looking forward to seeing all of our FOXXCODE fans…..


Vintage CHANEL all ready to sell!!!

by Lisa Ajello on September 9, 2012

Amazing prices on vintage Chanel pieces!!!!!! Check out Tiffany Pentz at Otis and Co or look for her on Etsey…….New pics everyday! So be on the look all of you FASHIONISTAS!!!!!!

You may email for further inquiries…….



Celeb Makeup Artist Roxanne Rizzo and Limelight NYC

by Lisa Ajello on August 22, 2012

For the first time ever the,” ROXANNE RIZZO“, celeb makeup line will be debuting at,”BEAUTY MEETS FASHION”, at Limelight NYC today from 5-9 pm!!!

Come check out her GORGEOUS creations!!!

Please visit



Nicole Young SHOPPING Exclusive!!!

by Lisa Ajello on August 20, 2012